Briones Ridge

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Briones Ridge is a ridge in the Montero Jungle in the Campos Wilderness District, on the human Outer Colony of Gao. Located 2,300 meters away from the village of Wendosa, the ridge is a hazardous slope of jungle, coated mostly in slick vermilion mud. Below the peak of the ridge was a rapid river and a large valley.[1]

On July 5, 2553, a UH-144 Falcon carrying Frederic-104 and ancilla Intrepid Eye crashed into the ridge, after being shot down by the Keepers of the One Freedom. In response, Keeper forces led by Dokab Castor and the United Nations Space Command's 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion both traveled to the ridge in an attempt to recover the ancilla, and to rescue Fred in the latter's case. The result of the ensuring conflict was the near-destruction of the Keeper forces on Gao when the battalion's Alpha Company arrived at the ridge to aid the other UNSC personnel. Ultimately, both Fred and the ancilla were recovered, and the UNSC forces returned to the Montero Vitality Center to treat the wounded and recuperate.[1]

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