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"Why deactivate your translation disk? This is no time for us to start keeping secrets from one another."
Reza Linberk to Castor.[1]

A translation disk (disc) or translator disk is a piece of technology used for translating spoken words to other languages.[2]


Translator disks use translation software to detect spoken words and then repeat them in another desired language so that individuals may speak that otherwise would be unable to.[1] These disks can be programmed with the capacity to understand and translate languages from multiple species.[3] The translated speech has an electronic undertone to it and can sound somewhat distorted.[1][2] Translation disks can be easily deactivated and reactivated and may be hung around a user's neck or secured high on one's breastplate.[1][4]

History of use[edit]

Translation disks were used by the Covenant and after its downfall they continued to be employed by Jiralhanae in the Keepers of the One Freedom. Notably, Castor, a leading dokab of the Keepers, kept one around his neck.[2] Orsun, his second-in-command, did likewise.[3]

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