Reza Linberk

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Reza Linberk
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c. 2503[2]


July 4, 2553[3]

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Hair color:

Silver,[1] formerly blond[2]

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Political and military information


Venezian Militia[1]


First deputy[2]


Reza Linberk was a human insurrectionist and a high-ranking officer of the Venezian Militia, serving as first deputy to Peter Moritz.[1][2]


A high-ranking member of the Venezian Militia, Reza Linberk was already serving as first deputy to militia leader Peter Moritz in her early twenties. She had worked with the Gao Liberation Force several times in joint missions. On March 12, 2526, Linberk met with envoys of various rebel cells within the Little Nelek Nebula in the Grenadi sector, hosted by the United Rebel Front aboard Bellicose. Seeking to further unite the cells into a new coalition, Major General Harper Garvin of the URF informed the rebel envoys of the emerging Covenant threat. Linberk suggested for the rebels to use the Covenant threat to their benefit, allying with the United Nations Space Command in exchange for sovereignty.[2]

In May 2553, the United Nations Space Command traveled to the Outer Colony of Gao to search for Forerunner ancilla Intrepid Eye. The UNSC's presence on Gao created operating issues for the pirates and smugglers on the nearby Venezia. Gao Minister of Protection Arlo Casille contacted the Venezian Militia and the Keepers of the One Freedom on Venezia for assistance with removing the UNSC's presence from Gao. On July 2, 2553, Linberk met with Casille and Dokab Castor of the Keepers aboard the patrol corvette Esmeralda in Gao's orbit. After learning that the UNSC was searching for an ancilla on Gao, Castor requested for Casille to get five hundred of his warriors on Gao's surface to allow them to take the ancilla off Gao before the UNSC did. Casille agreed, and the three began planning the next steps of their plot.[1]

On July 4, 2553, Castor's warriors had landed on Gao's surface in the Montero Jungle. Linberk met with Castor to represent the Venezian Militia, while Petora Zoyas represented Casille. All three sides secretly intended to take the ancilla for themselves and all had their own escape routes, though none brought light to this matter. While Zoyas and the Keepers began to embark into the Montero Cave System to search for the ancilla, Castor and Linberk noticed a Pelican dropship landing at the UNSC compound in the village of Wendosa. Castor believed the package the Pelican believed was the ancilla and had his forces initiate an attack on the village to retrieve it. As Linberk attempted to view the package for herself with binoculars, a sniper shot her in the head, killing her instantly.[3]

Personality and traits[edit]

Reza Linberk was an enchanting, yet ruthless, human insurrectionist.[1] She was a cunning foe and a dangerous ally, utterly cold-hearted to the point that she would betray even her closest ally to complete an assignment.[2] With high cheeks, well-defined features, and a delicate jaw, Linberk had ice-blue eyes and long blond-turned-silver hair.[1][2]

Linberk was a friend of Arlo Casille and he considered her the most intelligent individual he knew; she was the only person who regularly beat him at both backgammon and go.[1] Castor of the Keepers of the One Freedom, who had dealt with her several times on Venezia, also recognized her intelligence and regarded her as a cunning human.[3]

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