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Neo-Fascist/Neo-Friedenist organization

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Delambre, Luna (possibly)

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2170, Callisto Treaty


The Neo-Frieden movement, or Neo-Friedenists, were a splinter group of the fascist Frieden movement.[1]

Rain Forest Wars and dissension[edit]

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In 2162, after the Rain Forest Wars triggered massive militarization on Earth and in the UN's colonies, the Jovian-based Frieden movement found itself divided into two ideologically-dissenting factions. The conservative or hardliner Frieden faction continued upon its core ideology of fascism, while reformist groups within the movement wished to formally establish some kind of peace treaty with the United Nations, but which could still provide them with some authority and power over some parts of the colonies in the Sol System.


Though the Neo-Friedenists posed as an ardent anti-UN offspring, developments during the Rain Forest Wars drove them to oppose their original military movement and adhere to a more progressive stance in the context of the Interplanetary War. Their dissension from the main Frieden organization materialized in 2162 at the Battle of Delambre on Luna. With the UNSC deploying troops to Delambre, the Neo-Friedenists rebelled against the Frieden hoping to come to some sort of an agreement with the UNSC to end the war.

26th century legacy[edit]

The splintering that took place within the Frieden movement is still studied in relation to the Insurrection during the Human-Covenant War, possibly by historian and sociologist Elias Carver, as well as Major Akio Watanabe.