Battle of Delambre

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Battle of Delambre


2163[Note 1]


Delambre, Luna


Neo-Friedenist victory


Conservative Frieden

Reformist Neo-Friedenists


The Battle of Delambre was a presumably small-scale conflict among the Frieden fascist movement, between the conservative faction of the organization and the reformist Neo-Friedenists.[1]


At the conclusion of the Rainforest Wars, certain dissenting groups arose within the Frieden movement that promoted reformist ideals. The Neo-Friedenists were formed in 2162, challenging their original founders and expressing their wish to negotiate a peace treaty with the United Nations and end the hostilities between them in hopes of retaining some degree of power.[1]

As forces of the newly-formed United Nations Space Command approached the Delambre crater, the Neo-Friedenists took up arms against the conservative side of the Frieden movement. It is presumed that the Neo-Friedenists won the brief engagement, as they later attempted to discuss a peace treaty with the UNSC.[1]

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  1. ^ According to Halo: The Cole Protocol, the conflict took place "at the close of the Rain Forest Wars", which occurred in 2163.