World War I

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World War I
World War I as depicted in Undefeated. Cropped from source image originally provided by User:TheArb1ter117.


??-Armistice Day: November 11, 1918[1]




World War I was a Human conflict.[1]


World War I was the first human conflict in which flamethrowers were used. Trench warfare was common during the war.[2]

War's end[edit]

By 1918, forces were told that the war would end on November 11. However, no orders were given about what would happen prior to that. This resulted in some forces standing down and others continuing to fight. On Armistice Day itself, the fighting was more intense than D-Day.[1]


Following the conflict, flamethrowers changed very little over the centuries.[2]

The First World War was known to many contemporaries as the "Great War". Later, this term was used by some, such as Petra Janecek, to refer to the Human-Covenant War.[citation needed]

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