World War II

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World War I


Jovian Moons Campaign

World War II
A civilian farmer carrying a wounded soldier through a World War II battlefield. From Forever We Fight.


1939[1][Note 1]-1945[2]




  • The first use of human nuclear weapons.[2]

World War II,[4][5] also known as the Second World War[3] and the Great Patriotic War,[1][Note 1] was a conflict on Earth.[3]



John Forge's family had members fight in World War II.[6] During the war, the British cracked a German encryption scheme.[7] Isoroku Yamamoto crippled the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor.[8] Also during the war, France created the Maginot Line.[4] One of the bloodiest battles in the war was the Battle of Stalingrad.[3]

End of the war[edit]

The war came to a close with the first usage of human nuclear weapons at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.[2] The bomb at Hiroshima left a domed structure still standing.[9]


Shortly after the war[edit]

With the war's close in 1945, people danced in the streets and climbed lampposts to hoist flags, which were all recorded.[1][Note 1]

Following the Second World War, war photography was commonplace.[10]

Distant affects of the war[edit]

Some in the 26th-century confused World War II with other wars, like the Hundred Years War, and the Thirty Years War.[7] World War II is taught in Russian schools in the 26th-century.[5] The attack on Pearl Harbor was compared to the 26th-century Fall of Reach by Chief Petty Officer McRobb.[11] France's Maginot Line became idiomatically associated with a Forerunner defensive strategy through Forerunner translation software, after this strategy was discovered by humans.[4]


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