Hydra System Massacres

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"Indeed, Lieutenant, ever since we left Earth's gravity well, we’ve been fighting one another for every cubic centimeter of vacuum—from Mars to the Jovian Moons to the Hydra System Massacres and on to the hundred brushfire wars in the Outer Colonies."
— Doctor Catherine Halsey to Jacob Keyes[1]

The Hydra System Massacres were a series of massacres that occurred periodically throughout the history of the Hydra system,[1] a near-lawless system within the domain of the Unified Earth Government. With pirates and insurrectionists being reoccurring threats within the Hydra system, military forces of the United Nations Space Command occasionally arrive in the system to mete out justice with the use of nuclear weapons.[2]

The massacres occurred after the Domus Diaspora began in 2362, but likely before the Insurrection began in earnest in 2494.[Note 1]

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  1. ^ This is based on Halsey's placement of them before the wars in the Outer Colonies in Halo: The Fall of Reach, as well as her statement being dated on August 17, 2517.


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