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American Civil War


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The American Civil War was a civil war in the United States of America. It was considered the "first".[1]


The American Civil War was the first time a team of photographers took images of war.[2]

Battle of Gettysburg

Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain led the Twentieth Maine regiment during the battle of Gettysburg. He was ordered to defend the left flank of the Union line. The Fifteenth Alabama regiment charged up a hill referred to as Little Round Top, which Joshua Chamberlain and the Maine regiment were a top. They were out of ammunition and exhausted. Chamberlain ordered the regiment to "fix bayonets" and counter charged them.[1]


It is believed that Chamberlain's counter charge saved the Union line, and possibly helped decide the outcome of the war.[1]

Distant references to the war

"Fix bayonets"
— An unheard remark by Preston Cole at the Battle of Harvest, likely a reference to the Battle of Gettysburg.[1]

During the Battle of Harvest in 2525, Preston Cole remarked "Fix bayonets", something speculated in the Historical/Psychological Analysis of Cole, Preston J. to be a reference to Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in the Battle of Gettysburg.[1]

The Officers' club of the Paris-class heavy frigate UNSC Gettysburg had Civil War era tin daguerreotypes that displayed a battlefield with cavalry, cannons and charging men.[3]

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