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Forever We Fight

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"Throughout human history, heroes have risen when called upon. The Master Chief carries each act of bravery with him into his most challenging battle yet. We've always believed in heroes, it's time to become one."
— Official description[1]

Forever We Fight is a Halo Infinite trailer released on November 28, 2021.[1] The Carry On trailer was released alongside this trailer and acts as a continuation of the scene with John-117 fighting the Banished Jiralhanae on Installation 07.[2]


The trailer opens in the distant past, as shepherd brothers sleep in a field next to a fire. One of the shepherds, wakes up and examines his surroundings, with the other younger individual slowly arising to observe them. The first shepherd walks away from the camp with a flame torch in hand and using a branch as a walking stick, with their companion starting to follow. As they walk through their pasture of sheep, the flock runs away in a single direction. The two shepherds begin to spot glowing eyes surrounding them as the laughs of hyenas become more audible.

  • Young Shepherd: [In Arabic] "Brother."

The older shepherd turns to warn the young shepherd.

  • Older Shepherd: [In Arabic] "No, no! Get back!"

The older shepherd turns to face the hyenas. Cut to Europe during World War II. A farmer drags a wounded soldier across a field as shells drop around them.

A civilian farmer carrying a wounded soldier through a World War II battlefield. From Forever We Fight.
World War II.

The two enter a house, and the farmer lowers the soldier to the floor to begin treating the soldier as he screams in agony, with Ariane looking on.

  • Farmer: [In French] "Don't move. Stay still."

She runs to a sink near the window, but is distracted by the sound of artillery firing. A shell hits just outside her window, knocking both herself and the farmer to the floor. The two look at each other, with the farmer tending to the soldier's bullet wound with a pair of forceps.

  • Farmer: [In French] "I need more time..."

On broken glass, the woman grabs the bolt-action rifle that the farmer brought into the house. The soldier winces as he looks at her, and the woman cycles the rifle as she tearfully looks back at the soldier. The farmer drops a bullet from his forceps into a tub of water, which cuts to the near-future, as a coastguard is dropped into the ocean. She swims towards a drowning man and secures him.

  • Coastguard: "You're okay, hold on."

The coastguard signals to an aircraft which is hovering above them, swaying heavily in the wind. The coastguard struggles to reach towards a rope which is lowered near them, as warning sounds are heard from the aircraft. Cut to an astronaut at the cockpit of her ship.

An early Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine ship.
Scale test ship.

Cut to a control room, as multiple controllers observe the astronaut.

  • Astronaut: "...two, one..."
  • Mission Control: "Execute."

The astronaut enters her ship into a chaotic slipspace rupture, and she braces at her controls as the ship begins to violently shake, several warning systems sounding. Cut to an unknown planet where a battle is raging, as a damaged AV-14 Hornet is hit by a rocket, losing both of its engines.

  • Hornet Pilot: "Mayday mayday, we're going down."

The Hornet crashes into an agricultural field in the middle of a battle, sliding down a hill. A Marine runs towards the wreckage and drags the pilot out, carrying him away as a shell lands near them. Cut to John-117 on Installation 07, who turns to observe a battle. The camera juxtaposes himself with the older shepherd and Ariane, as the three of them charge into their respective battles. John-117 engages in melee with a pair of Jiralhanae as the astronaut screams during her slipspace jump, and he leaps over a third Jiralhanae as the coastguard successfully lifts the drowning man out of the water. John-117 fires on Banished forces below him before cutting to black.


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