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"Dive into the fray with Halo's most harrowing fight yet. You face an entire army of ruthless Banished soldiers. But they face the Master Chief. "
— Official description[1]

Carry On is a Halo Infinite trailer released on November 28, 2021,[1] as a continuation of the events depicted in Forever We Fight trailer which was released at the same time. Carry On depicts John-117 fighting Banished Jiralhanae on Installation 07.[2]


The trailer opens to John-117 on Installation 07, who turns to observe a battle in a canyon. Cut to John running past explosions to approaching a pair of Jiralhanae. He knocks the Flaktura Workshop Skewer off the first Jiralhanae, dodging a swing from the Jiralhanae's retaliation. He melees the second Jiralhanae his MA40 assault rifle, and snatches the Type-2 spike grenade from the Jiralhanae's thigh holster. John sticks the grenade on the first Jiralhanae, and ducks just as the second Jiralhanae approached his back. The grenade goes off, killing both Jiralhanae.

John turns, firing two bursts from his rifle at another Jiralhanae, then runs on top of his foe, firing his rifle left and right at two enemies offscreen. He lands on the ground with a roll and reloads. Tovarus suddenly appears and kicks the Spartan, sending John tumbling away from the Jiralhanae.

Cut to Tovarus snarling at John. He leaps for an attack with his gravity hammer. While Tovarus is still in mid-air, John, still on the ground, fires his Grappleshot and pulls the hammer from Tovarus. The Jiralhanae lands next to John, who swings with the hammer. The Jiralhanae raises his fist for a punch. Scene slows down and cuts away just before the impact.

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