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The Banished Rise

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The Banished Rise is a Halo Infinite trailer released on October 26, 2021. It is a variation of the Step Inside trailer.[1]


The trailer starts with the same footage as the Step Inside trailer, but it is interrupted by disruption from another transmission. The Banished's logo flashes on screen, followed by a video of Escharum. Much of the rest of the trailer switches between the footage from Become - Step Inside and the transmission from Escharum.

  • Escharum: "Hope. It makes you weak. Humanity clings to the belief that a savior will come. That a hero will rise. Shrouded in armor to save you. It won't. Armor can be broken, bodies shattered. When you look back on these last days you will realize that all you built... was a tomb. A place where hope dies."

The 'BECOME' text from the original trailer glitches into into the Banished logo, before subsequently glitching into the Halo Infinite logo.