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Halo Infinite E3 2021 showcase

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During the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase at E3 2021, there was a showcase dedicated to Halo Infinite, which showcased parts of the campaign and the A New Generation trailer.[1]


Opens to Bonnie Ross and Joseph Staten at the presentation stage.

  • Bonnie Ross: "This holiday marks the twentieth anniversary of Xbox and the the twentieth anniversary of Halo. To our millions of passionate fans, thank you.
  • Joseph Staten: "We wouldn't be here without all of you."
  • Ross: "Our goal has always been to bring players together, and for the first time, we're thrilled to offer our entire multiplayer experience to all players across Xbox and PC with no barriers. Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free to play and invite more of you than ever before to become a Spartan hero. I'm excited to be here with Joseph Staten, the Creative Director of Halo Infinite. From helping craft the original Halo: Combat Evolved, to leading the fan favorite Halo 3: ODST, Joseph is a Halo visionary. It is so great to have him back with Halo.
  • Staten: "Thank you, Bonnie. And, hey, everybody! For us, and I hope many of you, Halo has always been about heroism and wonder, about fighting to keep humanity safe against impossible odds in a beautiful and mysterious sci-fi world."

Fade in to the surface of Installation 07, with a UNSC base in a forest. Two Marines are patrolling a platform. A Banished stronghold is in the distance. The camera pans upwards to the cliff above the base.

  • Staten: "This is just one part of the Zeta Halo ring, the largest, most wide-open environment we've ever built, and we can't wait for you to explore it."

A Pelican flies over the camera and into the distance.

  • Staten: "The heart of Halo is SPARTAN-117, the Master Chief."

Cut to John-117, the Master Chief, standing at the troop bay of a Pelican, with its hatch open, in space. Debris can be seen outside the troop bay.

  • Staten: "In the next chapter of the Chief's story, he'll face his greatest challenge yet. But you're not alone in the fight."
  • Echo 216's pilot (COM): "Boss, the main batteries are shut down. We're stuck out here!"

John leaps out of the Pelican and into space. He pulls and pushes himself forward in space using various pieces of debris. He comes across the corpses of two Marines, moving one away carefully. He floats into a corpse-ridden interior of ship.

  • Echo 216's pilot (COM): "You have one bullet, against an entire army."

John picks up a Fusion coil and throws it forward into debris blocking his path ahead.

  • Echo 216's pilot (COM): "What can you do on your own?"

John fires his Mk50 Sidekick at the fusion core, detonating it. The muffled explosion clears his path.

  • John-117: "I told you. It's enough."

John continues to propel himself forward in space, pushing the bodies of Unggoy and Kig-Yar out of his way.

  • Echo 216's pilot (COM): "So I see."

John reloads his Mk50 Sidekick, then comes to the rear section of an M12 Warthog. He looks into the rollcage to find a dead Marine and an MA40 assault rifle. He picks up the rifle.

  • Cortana: (Echoing) "I need you to understand. There's not much time."

John leaps from the Warthog to a large piece of debris and continues into the interior of a ship.

  • Cortana: (Echoing) "If you know how you were going to die, how would you live your life differently?"

Cortana's echoing voice turns into a whisper. Zooms into John's first-person perspective: he uses the Grappleshot to propel himself forward. He passes through an energy barrier, into the ship with its artificial gravity still in operation, and lands on the floor. Cuts to black.

  • John-117: "What happened?"

Opens to John in a dark room, which is illuminated in blue by the avatar of "The Weapon" on a holotank. He looks out the window.

  • John-117: "Where is Cortana?"
  • "The Weapon": "The rogue AI known as Cortana is gone. She's been deleted."

John turns around and approaches "The Weapon".

  • John-117: "How? By you?"
  • "The Weapon": "Of course not. Did you hit your head or something?"

John paces around the holotank.

  • "The Weapon": "Don't you remember? My instructions were to enter this installation, imitate Cortana, and lock her down for retrieval." (Looks at John) "You were to take her back to the Infinity for deletion. So if it wasn't you... Okay then."

John does not respond.

  • "The Weapon": There's something else. On successful deployment, my deletion routine was supposed to complete."

She shrugs.

  • "The Weapon": (Chuckles) "Still here."

John turns back to her.

  • John-117: "Good."
  • "The Weapon": "Good?"

John approaches the holotank.

  • John-117: "Something stopped your deletion. We need to find out why."
  • "The Weapon": "But this wasn't the mission."
  • John-117: "The mission's changed. They always do."
  • "The Weapon": "Are you sure?"

John takes out the data crystal chip from his helmet and holds it out in front of "The Weapon". She reaches out for the chip and, upon contact, her avatar disappears, having been transferred to the chip. John puts the chip back into his helmet. Cuts to black.

Opens to Joseph Staten at the presentation stage.

  • Staten: "Of course, you can't have a Halo game without multiplayer. And on Xbox Series X|S, you'll be able to enjoy Infinite's multiplayer action at up to 120 frames per second. Finally, I'm very happy to announce that Halo Infinite's first free-to-play multiplayer season and Infinite's story-driven campaign will launch together this holiday."

A New Generation trailer plays.