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The Defiant Map Pack Trailer is a trailer released by 343 Industries for the Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack. It was released on February 14, 2011.[1]


  • Narrator: "Here in the aftermath."

(Electricity arcing from what appears to be a reactor.)

  • Narrator: "On the verge of extinction."

(A moving shot of a blackened Sabre in a hangar.)

  • Narrator: "Where fear finds purchase."

(A shot of a large titanium mine.)

  • Narrator: "Only a few will stand fast;"

(A faster shot of the inside of a space station, a UNSC frigate is visible outside.)

  • Narrator: "Defiant!"

(A shot moving up a hill, showing two Covenant cruisers in the sky.)

  • Narrator: "To the end."

(A cruiser fires its glassing beam towards the ground, then fade to white.)


(A Hunter drops down from a phantom, then cut to four players running forward, killing two jackals with DMRs.)

(Two players, one wearing a Haunted helmet, engage a Hunter with a Machine Gun turret and a plasma pistol. The hunter lunges forward but the spartan jumps over it.)

(First person shot of a player meeleing a brute, then cut to throwing grenades at a jackal, which is blown up.)


(A Covenant corvette and a UNSC frigate exchange salvos of plasma torpedoes and point-defense gun fire. In the background, Reach is visible glassed to a bright orange.)

(Several assassinations sequences, including one with in mid-air, then a player is seen running round a corner while evading fire, but another player with an oddball kills him.)

(A short clip of two teams, Red and Blue, firing on each other.)


(A sweeping shot of the map, with a Covenant cruiser glassing in the background.)

(A player jetpacks onto the roof of a building, then another players destroys a ghost with a Focus Rifle.)

(An M12G1 Light Anti-Armor Vehicle is hit by a rocket, and it spins through the air going of a cliff.)

(Several more shots of a Team Snipers game, then multiple gameplay clips from all three maps in first and third person.)

  • Announcer: "Revenge!"

(A Red player carrying the Blue flag runs down a path, but an M12 Force Application Vehicle driven by two Blue players drives by, one carrying the Red flag and riding shotgun. The player riding shotgun meeles the red player as he jumps aside, killing him.

  • Announcer: "Flag dropped!"

(Three Blue players all use armor lock simultaneously around a Bomb, just as it explodes, killing the red players attacking.)

(Four players all jetpack vertically and fire rocket launchers at massed covenant infantry. A warthog is flung into the air by a rocket explosion.)





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