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The Halo: Reach Video Games Awards 2010 Trailer is a post-game trailer of Halo: Reach released on 2010 in Bungie.net's Halo: Reach Multimedia section.[1] It runs for 2 minutes and 19 seconds.

The trailer had been warned as a spoiler, as it features footage of every campaign level cutscene, some gameplay sections, and Firefight. Some of the scenes are actually from past videos such as the ViDoc "A Spartan Will Rise", the "5 Minute Firefight Preview" video and the Noble Map Pack Trailer. The Halo: Reach soundtrack Unreconciled from Tip of the Spear plays throughout the video.


Pans towards the Nebula cloud in Epsilon Eridani system. Fades to the asteroid belt inside the system. View passes through the ring of one of Reach's moons, to reveal the planet Reach. A pair of Falcons approach a homestead in Visegrád, Eposz — Cuts to another pair of Falcons, flying towards the Babd Catha Ice Shelf — Cuts to a third pair of Falcons, following a Troop Transport Warthog in a valley — Cuts to a lone Falcon hovering above a beach near Farkas Lake — Cuts to the civilian transport craft 6 Echo 2 shot by a Covenant corvette's plasma torpedo — Cuts to Spartan-B312, Noble Six, activating a red signal flare in Caracalla Park, New Alexandria — Cuts to the night vision-activated HUD of Six, inside Visegrád Relay, with Kat-B320 on his left, sees the dead body of Professor Laszlo Sorvad — Cuts to him flipping the body, dropping a Data crystal chip on the ground.

Cuts to Six's HUD looking at Babd Catha Forerunner vessel, and turns to Carter-A259 — Cuts to Carter-A259, Jun-266, Emile-A239, and Noble Six running towards Dr. Halsey's lab. They arrive at the lab, and Dr. Halsey is seen preparing something.'

  • Catherine Halsey: "You are here, Team Noble, to assure the delivery of this vital data to a secure location."
  • Catherine Halsey: (looks back) You belong to ONI now."

Cuts to Halsey pulling out the data storage unit.

Cuts to Halsey presenting Six the storage unit.

  • Catherine Halsey (V.O.): "Do you have it?"

Cuts to Six, alone, standing on a platform in the Aszod ship breaking yards, watching a pair of Banshees fly by.

Cuts to Breakpoint, a blue Spartan-III holds a red flag while standing on a Wraith — Cuts to three red Spartan-IIIs running out of a cave in Breakpoint, one holding a blue flag — Cuts to a Firefight match in Corvette, a red Spartan-III activating her armor ability Drop Shield to protect herself from a Spirit's heavy plasma cannon fire.

Cuts to Six's HUD of a zoomed-in Sniper rifle firing at Elite Rangers' head as they land on a roof — Cuts back to the red Spartan-III playing Firefight on Corvette, firing her Fuel Rod Gun at Covenant troops as they exit the Spirit.

Cuts to Jorge-052 firing his modified M247H Heavy Machine Gun at a Spirit in Visegrád Relay's courtyard — Cuts to Noble Six walking towards the pilot seat of a flying Pelican, and is shot on the back by a few shots of Twin Plasma Cannon — Cuts to Carter-A259 sitting on the pilot seat, counts down from three with his fingers. Six crouches on the back of the Pelican, the Package in his hands. Emile-A239 stands behind him, gripping the Pelican. Carter-A259 counts down to two. The two Spartans get ready. Carter counts down to zero, and the two jump down to the canyon. Fades to black.

Cuts to Noble Team in a cave in Szurdok Ridge. Kat crouches on the ground, Emile's kukri in her hand.

Cuts to Emile throwing a distress beacon at Kat, who catches and examines it — Cuts to a blue Spartan-III being thrown across a map by a Man Cannon, changes to his HUD as he throws and sticks a plasma grenade on a red Spartan-III — Cuts to Noble Six's HUD, watching a Seraph crashes into the Sabre Program Launch/Research Range facility — Cuts to Jun hiding behind a Covenant supply case — Cuts to four Hunters approaching in a water pumping station in Viery Territory — Cuts to Sword Base, Six watches a Covenant Corvette leaving — Cuts to Six and Jun overlooking a massive Covenant landing zone.

  • Warrant Officer Jun-A266 (V.O.): "That's no strike force, it's an invading army."

Cuts to the HUD of Noble Six, who fires his Concussion rifle at a hostile Gúta — Cuts to a close up of Carter-A259 in the Olympic Tower — Cuts to Emile in a cave inside Aszod — Cuts to Jorge-052 inside the cave inside Szurdok Ridge — Cuts to a Warthog pulling to a stop in a UNSC Army camp, and Spartan-B312 exits the vehicle.

Cuts to Six performing an assassination on a Jackal Major in the courtyard of Visegrád Relay — Cuts to the pair of Falcons flying towards Sword Base, a Covenant corvette hovers a distance away. Cuts to Carter-A259 inside the Falcon, looking at the corvette.

Cuts to a red Spartan-III performing an assassination on a blue Elite on Breakpoint.

Cuts to a player piloting a Banshee, firing its Fuel Rod Cannon and destroying the M12R Light Anti-Armor Vehicle below it — Cuts to the interior of Visegrád Relay, an Elite Field Marshal slashes its Energy Sword at Kat, slicing through the monitors on the wall, but Carter knocks her out of the way just in time. Six fires his Assault Rifle at the Elite.

  • Carter-A259: "We've been engaged!"

Cuts to an enraged Elite Zealot, who open its mouth angrily. Cuts to Jorge-052 standing in front of an army trooper, firing his M247H at enemies off-screen.

  • Warrant Officer Emile-A239 (V.O.): "Big man forgets what he is sometimes."

Cuts to the HUD of Noble Six looking at two Wraiths under fire of orbital rounds called in by a Target Locator — Cuts to Emile-A239, sitting on the tail of a Pelican, looks at the explosive charges detonate beneath an ice shelf as a Pelican flies over it — Cuts to an Onager in the Aszod ship breaking yards, a Zealot impales Emile from behind with an Energy Sword.

  • Kat-B320 (V.O.): "I know we're losing. I want to know if we've lost."

Cuts to Six standing on a cliffside, overlooking the Siege of New Alexandria. He lets a pair of dog tags slip slightly from his hand —Cuts to Six running off Spire One ready to jump onto a Falcon. Jorge, onboard the Pelican, catches him and pulls him up — Cuts to the Kat and Six running towards a bunker under the Olympic Tower. A Needle Rifle round hits the back of Kat's helmet from above. The round punches straight through the helmet and exits through her visor. Kat crumples to the floor, killed instantly. Six catches her body — Cuts to Six, at the same location, firing a M6G pistol at a Phantom.

Cuts to a Falcon exploding in Breakpoint — Cuts to another Falcon flying over Alexandria at night, a skyscraper collapses in the background — Cuts to the HUD of Six inside a Falcon, firing its M638 Autocannon at Covenant troops on a building rooftop — Cuts to Six standing in the troop bay of a Pelican as it flies over the New Alexandria Hospital.

Mood intensifies — Cuts to a Falcon landing on the landing pad of the Sinoviet Center — cuts to a Scarab in Aszod with a badly damaged Pelican flying beside it — cuts to a convoy of Warthogs, Falcons, Mongoose, and a Pelican heading toward a Covenant-occupied area in Viery Territory. A squadron of Banshees fires at the Warthog, who protect themselves with their turrets. — cuts to a Sabre taking off — cuts to the UNSC Frigate UNSC Savannah flies in orbit of Reach, accompanied by several Sabres and a Pelican — cuts to the cockpit of a Sabre, Six presses a button and his Sabre leaves the Anchor 9's hangar bay — cuts to Six, in his Sabre, destroys a Seraph and attacks the Covenant Corvette Ardent Prayer. — cuts to a Pelican ramming into a Scarab in Aszod — Cuts to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn launching into the sky using R7 thrust couplings.

Cuts to black, with the Halo: Reach logo in the center, Bungie Studios logo at the lower left corner and the Microsoft Game Studios logo at the lower right.

Video ends in the Xbox 360 logo being shown on the screen.


  • This trailer is the only trailer in the Halo series that showcased all campaign levels, even briefly.
  • A shorter version of the trailer was released on December 12, 2009.