Spire One

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Spire One

Spire One was the UNSC code name for a Covenant teleporter and shield-generator array placed on Szurdok Ridge on the planet Reach during the fall of the planet in August 2552.


Spire One was one of many spire installations set up by the Covenant across Szurdok Ridge to inconspicuously transport forces - usually in form of Phantom dropships - to the ground from the cloaked supercarrier, Long Night of Solace positioned above the region. During the Battle at Szurdok Ridge on August 12, 2552, Spire One was designated as the primary objective of Noble Team. Eventually, SPARTAN-B312, with the aid of Jorge-052, breached the spire's defenses, infiltrated the command center and disabled the shield. Once the Spartans were safely away, the UNSC frigate Grafton destroyed the spire with its MAC gun.[1]


In Halo: Reach, Spire One is the setting of the final segment of the campaign level Tip of the Spear, as well as the multiplayer map, Spire.

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