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This article shows information for the space station. For the Halo: Reach level, see Anchor 9 (map).
Anchor 9
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Refit station


Repair and refit



1,036 metres (3,400 ft)[Note 1]


Seven M870 Rampart point defense guns[1]

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Fall of Reach




Anchor 9 (SRRS-01007),[2] was a service, repair and refit station in service with the UNSC Navy, and one of 18 such stations orbiting the colony world Reach during the Human-Covenant War.[2][3]


The station had three main hubs, each with its own hangar and repair station. One sector of the station was dedicated to the medical rehabilitation of injured soldiers, including a suite for the verbal reconstruction of individuals who had lost their ability to speak.[4] Several FSS-1000 Sabre fighters could be stored and serviced inside. In addition, it had docking ports for larger vessels such as cruisers and frigates.[2] The station also was surrounded by a number of build-and-repair facilities, which had several half-built frigates in them.[5]


Early war[edit]

The station was used to rehabilitate UNSC personnel who had been injured during the evacuation of Harvest. On January 17, 2526; Chris Preston, undergoing medical rehabilitation on board Anchor 9, recorded a message for David Dominguez's parents recounting his sacrifice in securing Kig-Yar point defense gauntlets during the evacuation of Harvest.[4]

Construction of Paris-class heavy frigates[edit]

The station was in permanent orbit around Reach and in the later decades of the war was charged with the production of numerous warships to supplant the Navy's eroding firepower. By 2552 it was responsible for the construction for a number of Paris-class heavy frigates, with several still being assembled by the time of the Covenant's arrival.[5]

Fall of Reach[edit]

During the Fall of Reach in August 2552, Anchor 9 was defended by Sabres during Operation: UPPER CUT. The station's defenses were off-line when the Covenant attacked, and one squadron was deployed to repel the incoming waves of Banshees and later Seraphs. When the third wave of Covenant fighters arrived, Anchor 9's point defense guns came back online. During the third wave, several Phantoms arrived and attempted to attack the station, but were destroyed. After the Phantoms were destroyed, the remaining Seraphs and Banshees retreated.[5]

SPARTAN-B312 and Jorge-052 then docked in one of the station's hangars. Jorge left the Sabre to arm a slipspace drive attached to a Pelican dropship; this Slipspace drive would be used as an improvised bomb against the Long Night of Solace, a Covenant supercarrier. The UNSC Savannah soon detached from Anchor 9 to provide cover for the Sabres as they attacked and attempted to board an enemy corvette which was inbound to refuel with the supercarrier. Almost immediately after the supercarrier was destroyed, the Covenant arrived en masse over Reach.[5] The station was subsequently destroyed by a Covenant support fleet, which arrived several days later.[2]


  • Anchor 9 is also the setting of a multiplayer map of the same name. Despite the name of the map being Anchor 9, the actual space station does not look like the Anchor 9 from campaign. The colors of the station are more white and yellow, and the geometry of the station is quite different.
  • The station was nicknamed the "space wafer" during the development of Halo: Reach. It was initially designed by Jaime Jones, later redesigned by Isaac Hannaford.


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