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Chris Preston
Image of Lance Corporal Chris Preston
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December 4, 2501[1]

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Lance Corporal[1]

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Suffered an injury to his throat that left him unable to speak.[1]


Chris Preston was a human who served in the United Nations Space Command Marine Corps at the start of the Human-Covenant War. By January 4, 2526, he has reached the rank of Lance Corporal.[1]


Early life[edit]

Chris Preston was born on December 4, 2501. Preston later joined the UNSC Marine Corps, where he befriended David Dominguez.[1]

Injury and loss of Dominguez[edit]

"He was the brother I always wanted. He will always be my brother. And your son? He loved you. He loved you 'till the end.[1]"
— Chris Preston on David Dominguez to Dominguez's parents (January 17, 2526)

Prior to January 17, 2526, Chris Preston rose to the rank of Lance Corporal. He, along with David Dominguez, was assigned to a freighter that was fleeing the destruction of Harvest. At some point when they were fleeing, the freighter was boarded by the Covenant. According to Preston, Dominguez led Preston against the boarders, saving lives and recovering vital technology. During this engagement, Preston's throat was sliced, and eventually he lost consciousness when the two were taken to a medivac. When Preston woke, his friend Dominguez was dead.[1]

On January 17, 2526, onboard Anchor 9, Chris Preston recorded a video intended for Dominguez's parents, where he told them how their son died a hero, and how he would miss him.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Chris Preston experienced an injury on his throat that left him unable to speak without the help of verbal reconstruction. He was able to communicate using British version of sign language. [1]

Production notes[edit]

Chris Preston was portrayed by actor Jamal Ajala.[2]

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