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The top portion of the Olympic Tower

Olympic Tower, also known as the Office of Naval Intelligence Headquarters, was a building at Fleet Command Headquarters in New Alexandria, Eposz, Reach.[1] It was one of FLEETCOM HQ's main buildings for special ONI projects and high-ranking officials.[2] At a height of 2,250 meters, it was one of New Alexandria's tallest buildings.[3] Having an office in the tower was considered quite prestigious; in particular, the corner offices provided a wonderful view of the surrounding area.[2]

There was a fallout bunker on Sublevel Two of the facility. The tower also had retractable VTOL pads on the upper floors.[1]


During the Fall of Reach on August 23, 2552, the Olympic Tower was the center of operations for the evacuation effort in and around New Alexandria, but later came under attack after the Covenant zeroed in on its position. In the later stages of the evacuation, Colonel Urban Holland requested that all personnel be evacuated from the building immediately. Spartan NOBLE Team, along with some of the facility's personnel, hid in the sublevel fallout bunker between August 23 and August 26.[1]

Decades prior, Dr. Catherine Halsey had been offered a corner office in this tower when her projects flourished. However, she declined as her office at CASTLE Base provided some isolation and peace from those who wanted to bother her.[2] Eventually, her rejection of the tower office proved to be her salvation as New Alexandria, including Olympic Tower, was glassed by the Covenant.[1]

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