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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Season 1 Cinematic Intro

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Halo Infinite - Multiplayer Season 1 Cinematic Intro is a trailer for Halo Infinite first season, Season 01: Heroes of Reach, created by Axis Studios and released on August 25, 2021, during the Halo Infinite segment at 2021 Gamescom.[1][2] It focuses on the origins of Spartan Laurette Agryna. Small portions of the cinematic were previously shown in the A New Generation and Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview trailers.


A Covenant Mikpramu-pattern Phantom flies through the dense cityscape of London at night during the Battle for Earth,[3] with gray skyscrapers towering over the Palace of Westminster. A pair of Is'belox-pattern Banshees fly past. Cut to a view of the Phantom from the ground in an alleyway. A young Laurette Agryna runs past and hides around of the corner of a building, and the camera pans down to reveal a pair of Covenant Jiralhanae patrolling the alley. Laurette watches the Jiralhanae as they turn towards her; a Banshee simultaneously swoops into the alley, startling Laurette as it passes her. The camera focuses on Laurette's bee pendant as she turns to see another pair of Jiralhanae searching the alley next to her, with another Phantom above them. Turning around to see the entrance to an indoor stairwell, she dashes towards it, looking behind to check for pursuers.

Cut to the present day, as Laurette, now a Spartan Commander, addresses a group of eight Spartan-IV recruits at the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science.

  • Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna: "Why are we here?"
  • Spartan Recruit #1: "To fight."
  • Spartan Recruit #2: "To win."
  • Spartan Recruit #1: "To be a Spartan."

Cut to a young Laurette running through the streets of London. She takes cover behind a Fossa, before running towards the wreck of an M808 Scorpion which has been crushed by a fallen pylon. She trips and falls, as her bag falls in front of her and dangerously close to the view of a Erudo'ma'keth-pattern pulse carbine-wielding Jiralhanae Chieftain. The Jiralhanae doesn't notice as she drags her bag back behind cover, and Laurette peeks over the wreckage to see two other Jiralhanae accompanying their leader. Laurette clutches her bag before turning to retrace her steps, ducking under the fallen pylon.

  • Laurette: "What is a Spartan?"

Laurette looks back at the unaware Jiralhanae in fear. She accidentally scrapes the pylon, making a metallic sound with attracts the Jiralhanae Chieftain's attention. The Chieftain turns around to give chase, and Laurette begins to run away before she is stopped by an SOEIV Drop Pod falling in front of her.

  • Laurette: "A Spartan is a symbol..."

Laurette is startled and wanders backwards while bracing her bag. A Spartan wearing brown Mark VII MJOLNIR armor and equipped with an MA40 assault rifle steps out of the pod and examines their surroundings before reassuring Laurette with a nod.

  • Laurette: "...Hope, where there is none."

The Spartan steps towards the pursuing Jiralhanae Chieftain, who open fire on Laurette and the Spartan. The Spartan grabs Laurette and shields her, the shots from the Pulse Carbine hitting the MJOLNIR armor's energy shielding. When the Jiralhanae stop shooting, the Spartan peeks over their shoulder before stepping away to engage the Jiralhanae Chieftain in melee; the Jiralhanae misses a swing as Laurette takes the opportunity to run away.

  • Laurette: "In times of darkness..."

Laurette runs along the street and watches as another drop pod lands beside her. She turns around as another Spartan steps out and immediately starts firing on the Jiralhanae with their MA40 assault rifle.

  • Laurette: "...We are hope."

Laurette watches the combat in front of her. Two more Spartans have joined in, one fighting a Jiralhanae in melee, and another firing at a Jiralhanae who is throwing Anskum-pattern plasma grenade. Laurette notices this, and dives behind a road barrier next to her. The grenade explodes and knocks out Laurette just as she gets behind the barrier. Fade to black.

It is now sunrise. Laurette peeks out from behind the barrier, and sees that the four Spartans have killed the Jiralhanae. Two of the Spartans stand guard as a third helps the injured fourth to their feet. The frontmost Spartan notices Laurette and approaches her, reaching out their hand to help her to her feet, which she accepts.

  • Laurette: "And together..."

The four Spartans and Laurette walk down the street into the sunlight. Laurette is clutching her bag.

  • Laurette: "...Together, we are unstoppable!"

A shaken Laurette feels her bee pendant, and looks forward with newfound purpose. Smash cut to the present day, with Spartan Commander Laurette turning to face her recruits.

  • Laurette: "Candidates, are you ready?"
  • Spartan Recruits: (In unison) "Yes ma'am!"
  • Laurette: "I can't hear you..."

In the past, Laurette continues to walk with the Spartans.

  • Spartan Recruits: (In unison) "Ma'am, yes ma'am!"

In the present, the camera focuses on Laurette's chestplate, which is adorned with a stylised image of a bee.

  • Laurette: "Again!"
  • Spartan Recruits: (In unison) "Ma'am, yes ma'am!"

In the past, Laurette turns to look at the Spartans behind her, and smiles.

  • Laurette: Good. Who's first?"

In the present, Laurette looks at her recruits and smirks.

Halo Infinite - Logo for light.png
December 8, 2021

Trailer ends with the 343 Industries logo.



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