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Halo Infinite Lux Voluspa

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Halo Infinite - Lux Voluspa is a trailer for the second season of Halo Infinite, Season 02: Lone Wolves, released alongside the season on May 3, 2022. The trailer can be viewed in the "Intel" section of the official Halo Infinite website.


An animated logo for Lux Voluspa plays, but glitches red as the scene transitions onto a computer monitor. The monitor displays multiple images which correspond to the computer's narration.

  • Computer: "Security flag. Access attempt logged."
  • Tech Staff #1 "Are you seeing this?"
  • Computer: "Success."
  • Tech Staff #1 "This can't be right."
  • Tech Staff #2 "There's no way."
  • Computer: "Firewall compromised."
  • Tech Staff #2 "This doesn't make sense."
  • Computer: "Breach detected."
  • Tech Staff #2 "Do we know what's vulnerable yet?"
  • Tech Staff #1 "Oh God..."
  • Computer: "Core files targeted."
  • Tech Staff #1 "They've got an intact matrix core."

The computer reads 'OVERRIDE'.

A thud shakes the building and breaks the monitor.

  • Tech Staff #4 "Answer me!"
  • Tech Staff #2 "Where did the core go?"
  • Computer: "Data transfer in progress."

The computer shows the data transfer's percentage rising.

  • Tech Staff #1 "I think we're about to find out."

As the data transfer completes, Iratus becomes visible in the monitor.

  • Tech Staff #4 "They're here..."
  • Computer: "Transfer complete."

The Lux Voluspa logo glitches in, along with its tagline: 'Artifical Minds. Real Solutions.'

  • Narrator: "Lux--- Artifical Minds. Real Sol-."