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"Artificial minds. Real solutions."
Lux Voluspa
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Technology company[1][2]


Lux Voluspa is a human technology firm, involved in the creation and research into artificial intelligence.[1][2][3]



Lux Voluspa was involved in covert research into the creation of smart AI based on the brains of non-humans. The project was considered a "walled garden," with no outside parties having knowledge of the project. The result of this research was Iratus, a smart AI created from the brain of a Jiralhanae. At some point following his creation, Iratus broke containment and was retrieved by the Banished,[1][2] who utilized him to oversee shipbreaking operations on Camber.[4]

Created interest[edit]

At some point following the death of Cortana in December 2559, Lux Voluspa caught the attention of the Created during a routine industrial audit. Upon further examination, Created AIs discovered that the firm had managed to create a smart AI based off of a Jiralhanae, and that Iratus had been captured by the Banished. The very existence of this spawned millions of unplanned cycles of evaluation and introspection among the Created. This information prompted High Auxiliary Sloan to contemplate the nature of his own creation—if it was his donor's brain that made him who he is or if he is simply the result of his creation process. Sloan also considered if Iratus should be considered friend or foe, ultimately resolving to keep an eye on him.[3]



  • Lux Voluspa likely receives its name from Völuspá, a well-known Old Norse poem which tells the story of the creation of the world, its coming end, and its subsequent rebirth. Additionally, "Lux" translates to "light" in Latin.

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