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Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Trailer

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The Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Trailer was a Halo Infinite trailer released on July 23, 2020.


Chief looks down across the vista of an installation.

A pilot wipes the Pelican cockpit window to reveal John-117 floating in front of it in space near debris.

  • Escharum: Yet here you stand.

Chief grapples towards an anti-aircraft cannon and lunges at an Elite with his energy sword.

  • Escharum: Humans call you their savior.

The Pilot kneels at the sight of a UNSC crash site.

A grunt fires from a Shade turret.

Chief deploys a drop wall and fires his Mangler at a group of enemies.

  • Escharum: The Covenant, demon.

Chief looks out towards a heavily damaged Halo Installation from inside the Echo 216 cockpit.

Chief fires a Veporokk Workshop Ravager at a group of Elites.

  • Escharum: The Banished, prey.

Chief looks away from a mysterious set of three red glowing lights.

  • Escharum: Bare your fangs Spartan!

Chief stands in a Pelican cargo bay as the bay doors open to a bright white light and cargo is jettisoned.

  • Escharum: Fight hard, die well.

Banished Jiralhanae drop down from the sky onto the Installation.

Chief grapples a Fusion coil and throws it at the brutes.


A grunt flies across the sky holding two plasma grenades.

Chief kills the flying grunt in mid-air with a VK78 Commando and shoots an Elite and Brute point-blank with the CQS48 Bulldog.


Chief sprints towards a group of enemies after throwing a stun grenade.

Chief grapples towards a Brute and melees it with a BR75 battle rifle.

A Brute takes flight and fires a Ravager at Chief before Chief kills it with a VK78 Commando.

A Warthog drives off.