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BR75 battle rifle

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BR75 battle rifle
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Production overview


Misriah Armory[1]

Model series:

BR series[2]


Effective range:

At least 1km[3]

Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts[1]

"An extraordinarily versatile weapon, with a wide variety of engagement ranges."
— Official description[4]

The BR75 Service Rifle[3] is a battle rifle used by the UNSC,[2] manufactured by Misriah Armory in Eos Chasma.[1]


The rifle was used by First Lieutenant Maks Chapov during Blue Team's mission to Reach in 2559,[3] and continued to see use around 2560 during the Installation 07 conflict.[1]


In appearance, the BR75 bears great similarity to the BR55 battle rifle. Its features a scope mounted on a rail set into its carry-handle, and feeds from magazines of at least 36 rounds.[1] Some notable differences between the BR75 and its predecessor include an accessory rail mount on the left side of the handguard, and a new muzzle brake. It is a highly versatile weapon, capable of engaging targets at a variety of ranges,[4] and is particularly suitable for long-range engagements.[3]

The weapon's side contains a barcode which translates to details of the weapon's manufacturer, the Misriah Armory facility at Eos Chasma, Mars.

Production notes[edit]

The BR75's firing sound was created from combining the sounds of the FN SCAR-H battle rifle and FN M240B medium machine gun.[5]


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