Korolev Heavy Industries

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Icon image of Korolev Heavy Industries' logo, used in Halo Infinite.
Korolev Heavy Industries' logo.

Korolev Heavy Industries is a human corporation, involved in the manufacture and production of several MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor variants.



Other MJOLNIR armors
Other armors

Miscellaneous equipment[edit]

  • Korvan gloves
  • MK17 MOD1 KUZNETS - CBRN module for BRAWLER-class Mjolnir helmet
  • M90 Shroud muzzle brake - for Mk50 Sidekick handgun, marketed toward law enforcement and paramilitary markets
  • MULTIVIS BCG suite - Polyband keysight suite for detection of biological and chemical threats; compatible with the TEMFOR-class helmet
  • Striker's Gloves - Gloves tailored for CQB encounters
  • Type-3C flash hider - for the BR75 battle rifle
  • UA/S-Plate
  • UA/Teutobod shoulder plates
  • UA/X800 Plate - Korolev's testbed for methods of stacking NxRA plates and electromagnetic shielding
  • XAH-23 Acoustic Hailer - Prototype acoustic hailer for the CESTUS-class Mjolnir helmet

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