Signature-suppressed anti-materiel rifle

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Signature-suppressed anti-materiel rifle
Production overview


Anti-materiel sniper rifle


This signature-suppressed anti-materiel rifle[1][Note 1] is a sniper rifle in service with the United Nations Space Command armed forces. Snipers aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire used the rifle during the conflict on Installation 00 in 2559.[1][2]

The rifle features a receiver and stock similar in design to the SRS99-AM sniper rifle. However, it is equipped with a prominent barrel shroud to which its bipod is also fixed. Given its description as "signature-suppressed", the rifle likely features some form of integrated suppressor.


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The weapon is used by Sniper units in Halo Wars 2, until the Stanchion upgrade is obtained.[3]


The signature-suppressed anti-materiel rifle is the starting weapon of the UNSC Sniper unit in Halo Wars 2. It can be upgraded to the more powerful M99 Stanchion, though the in-game model of the weapon itself does not change with the upgrade.


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  1. ^ The cited source uses the spelling "anti-material". In this context, anti-materiel is the correct spelling.