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MA40 assault rifle

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MA40 assault rifle
The MA40's product logo.

MA40 assault rifle in Halo Infinite. 4K render cutout from File:HINF-MA40AR.png

Production overview


Misriah Armory[1]

Model series:

MA series[2]


Assault rifle[2]

Ammunition type:


Feed system:

36-round detachable box magazine[2]

Rate of fire:


Effective range:


Reliable, fully automatic assault rifle at short to medium range.[5]

The MA40 assault rifle is a weapon in service with the United Nations Space Command.[6] Its designation indicates it to be a part of Misriah Armory's MA series.[1]


John-117 and Frederic-104 using the MA40 assault rifles during Operation: WOLFE.


Produced by Misriah Armory,[1] the MA40 is a part of the same lineage as the MA37.[7] The rifle feeds from 36-round detachable box magazines. Present above the trigger guard on both sides of the weapon's body are fire selectors, with three dots for positions. One is black, and the others are red, indicating safe and two firing modes,[2] one of which is fully-automatic.[8] The MA40's charging handle is positioned on the left side of its body, and its ejection port is situated on the right. Beneath the end of its barrel is located a multifunction receiver into which devices that grant supplemental functionality, such as infrared laser designators, can be mounted.[9] The MA40 is also capable of being fitted with a sound-suppressor on the fly, to reduce its firing signature.[10] The MA40 used by John-117 in 2560 features a dark grey and black finish, with a bright yellow stripe running across the cowling.[2]

The weapon is stamped with various decals including a QR code that, when translated, lists the weapon's name.


The MA40 is highly effective in close-quarters combat. The weapon, when compared to other recent incarnations of the assault rifle, fires at a significantly faster rate, akin to the MA5B assault rifle.[4]


Although the MA40 assault rifle was in service as early as the Battle for Earth in late 2552,[11] the MA40 has been not seen widespread service until at least during the Created conflict. The MA40 was used extensively by Blue Team during the mission to Reach in 2559.[7] An MA40 was kept in the cockpit of Fernando Esparza Pelican dropship in 2560,[12] and the rifle later used by John-117 on Installation 07.[2]

Production notes[edit]

The MA40 was first seen during the Discover Hope trailer for Halo Infinite, which was shown at E3 2019.[12] Its name was first revealed when the NERF toy based on the weapon was announced in February 18, 2020. Purchases of the NERF MA40 come with a code that unlocks a skin for the weapon in Halo Infinite.[6]

The MA40 received a visual upgrade to its textures first seen in the January edition of Inside Infinite. The color scheme appears much darker with a yellow strip along the barrel, paying homage to the MA37. The ammo counter visual is brighter and the munition counter itself is highlighted by a bright blue box.


The MA40 holds 36 rounds ready, with 216 rounds in reserve. The reticle is very similar to the MA5D's reticle in Halo 5: Guardians.[2]


  • MA40 Longshot: An improved version of the MA40 with a decreased mag from 36 to 25 and having increased damage.



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