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Not to be confused with EVOS-D.
Angled view of the EVOS-J attachment on the MA40 assault rifle in Halo Infinite.
The EVOS-J mounted on an MA40 assault rifle.

The EVOS-J is a weapon attachment typically mounted on the MA40 assault rifle's rail integration system and connected to its barrel shroud. The display screen on the EVOS-J attachment functions primarily as an ammunition indicator, but it also features a magnetic compass. The screen's brightness can be adjusted via buttons on either side of the device. The attachment also features a scope base dial for adjusting the minute of angle (MOA), presumably on the telescope sight integrated to the operator's heads-up display, with each click corresponding to 1/2 MOA; turning the dial clockwise adjusts the MOA up, whereas turning the dial counter-clockwise adjusts the MOA down.[1]

Production notes[edit]

  • The bottom of the display reads "S. 117", a reference to SPARTAN-117.
  • The 7 printed on either side of the attachment may be a seven reference.


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