Weapon customization/Model/MA40

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MA40 assault rifle
Weapon Model Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Icon of the Crimson Sun weapon model.
Crimson Sun
Fracture: Tenrai Protecting against evil spirits with a wall of lead. Legendary Tenrai II Event Pass level 10
Icon of the Dragonbark Adornment Weapon Model.
Dragonbark Adornment
Fracture: Tenrai Protective cover made of scales salvaged from a fallen warrior. Legendary
  • Purchase "Blacksteel Katana" Bundle from the Shop for 1,500 cR
  • Purchase "Dragonbark Adornment" from the Shop for 300 cR
Icon of the Evolved MA5 weapon model.
Evolved MA5
UNSC No pressure, but the mother of all assault rifles has arrived. Reforged in the fires of an exploding Halo ring and quenched on the ichor of a thousand fallen Elites, feast your eyes on the finest bit of battle rattle to ever grace your dirty paws! Now, don't go asking too many questions about ammo capacity this or aim assist that. The only numbers you need to know are seven, six, and two. Now get out there and give those Covenant a belly full of lead! Legendary Purchase Spirit of Fire Premium Battle Pass for 500 cR
Icon of the Golden Eagle Weapon Model.
Golden Eagle
FOTUS Limited edition MA40 collectible. Legendary
  • Purchase "Honorbound Weapon" Bundle from the Shop for 1,500 cR (or 800 cR during a sale)
  • Purchase "Golden Eagle" Bundle from the Shop for 500 cR
Legendary, 343 Industries: With integral fluid recovery system.
Life Thief
343 Industries With integral fluid recovery system. Legendary Purchase "Sanguine Gift" Bundle from the Shop for 2,200 cR
Icon of the MA40 Flashblind weapon model.
MA40 Flashblind
Misriah Armory Chemically-treated for maximum corrosion resistance and low bioadhesion. The core firing components can be quickly sterilized while the weapon furniture is incinerated between missions. Epic Purchase Season 04: Infection Premium Battle Pass for 1,000 cR
Icon of the MA40 MODE MS weapon model.
Misriah Armory Custom-manufactured MA40 assault rifles with microbial-resistant and CBRN-resistant nanodiamond coatings in key locations. Legendary Purchase the "Warning Signs" or "Hazmat Haven" bundles from the Shop for 1,500 cR or 3,400 cR respectively
Icon of the Shinobi Wrap Weapon Model.
Shinobi Wrap
Fracture: Tenrai Carefully crafted to capture the sound of violence, but not dampen killing intent. Epic Purchase "Shinobi Wrap" Bundle from the Shop for 400 cR (Formerly 1,000 cR)
Icon of the Type 2A Barrel Shroud Weapon Model.
Type 2A Barrel Shroud
Misriah Armory For improved heat distribution. Epic Purchase "Maltese Mayhem Weapon Set" Bundle from the Shop for 1,500 cR (or 800 cR during a sale)