Fractures: Entrenched

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Fractures: Entrenched

Start date:

Early June 2022[1]

Includes content for:

Halo Infinite


Fractures: Entrenched is a multiplayer event set to be held in Halo Infinite, during Season 02: Lone Wolves. Its content is based on the Entrenched Fractures universe.[1]

The event will introduce Land Grab, a gametype inspired by Territories from previous games.[1]

Universe and lore[edit]

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The Fractures: Entrenched event features content from the non-canonical Entrenched Fractures universe.[1]

The Entrenched universe is inspired by World Wars I & II and retrofuturism. In this universe, the Covenant invaded the Sol system, forcing humanity to band together under the Unified Nations Security Confederation (UNSC) to survive in a total war that became known as the Final War. The UNSC developed a model of energized plate armor called Eaglestrike that gave alchemically-enhanced human soldiers a fighting chance against the vastly superior Covenant army. The Final War climaxed with scorched-earth tactics and atomic weaponry obliterating much of the leadership and infrastructure of both sides. Many years later, UNSC conscripts still blindly follow the orders of long-dead generals, continuing their stand against the mutant remnants of the Covenant in the hope of one day liberating their ruined world.



  • Kolby


  • Human
  • Kig-Yar
  • Sharquoi


  • Unified Nations Security Confederation
    • 11th Strikewing Squadron
    • Air Transport Group Apple
    • Astro-rangers
    • Capital Military Authority
    • Cloudjumpers
    • First Mobile Infantry Division
    • Hefley Radiator Company
    • Meridian Light Horse
    • Misriah Bathworks
    • Northam Volunteers
    • Ordnance Committee
    • Ultramarine Corps
  • Covenant
    • Kig-Yar Thalassocracy


  • Earth
    • Northam
      • Northam Central Command
  • Europa
  • Moon


  • Final War
    • Carver Riots
    • Destruction of Northam Central Command
    • Eastern Europa campaign
    • Kolby's assault on the Moon


  • Aether-bomb
  • Archaeotech
  • Cosmocom
  • Covenant arcanotech
    • Plasmatron weaponry
  • Eaglestrike energized plate armor
    • Kerberos variant
    • Sky Marshal variant
  • Hydra
  • Kythera Battlepad
  • Pelican


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