Content Update 32

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Content Update 29

Armor customization for CU32

Start date:

April 30, 2024

Includes content for:

Halo Infinite


Content Update 32, also known as CU32 and the April Update, is a content update for Halo Infinite, launched on April 30, 2024.[1]


Ancillary materials[edit]

Season Content[edit]

General overview[edit]

  • New armors
    • Additional Mark VII core cosmetics
    • Additional Yoroi core cosmetics
    • Additional Mark IV core cosmetics
  • New weapon models for BR75 battle rifle and M392 Bandit
  • The Exchange: like MCC, The Exchange is a rotating storefront with cosmetics from past operations and new cosmetics
  • Spartan Points earnable via Daily Challenges, Ultimate Challenges, and Operations
  • One multiplayer map based on Halo 2's Relic and Halo 2: Anniversary's Remnant
  • Sandbox tuning
    • S7 Sniper Rifle ready-up time decreased
    • Cindershot gravity effect removed and slower Rate of Fire
    • Spike grenade no longer detonates mid-air. Detonation timer shortened
    • Mk50 Sidekick Rate of Fire reduced
    • Plasma Pistol can stun vehicles
  • Quality of life improvements
    • Forge updates
      • Two new pallets: Flood and Alien
      • New mode variants added to Forge Mode Creator
      • Expanded script nodes for Extraction
      • New Generic Objective items
    • 54 Armor Coatings from past seasons updated to be multi-core
    • In Ranked games, if a match starts with uneven teams, the game will be ended automatically and no CSR will be won/lost for either team.

Content overview[edit]

General Customization[edit]

  • 1 Nameplates: Red Glare
  • 3 Armor Coatings: Carrion River, Fearless Glyphs, Fuego Flame
  • 1 Weapon Coating: Cruel Treatment
  • 2 Visors: Essence Decompilation, Shock-Treated
  • 1 Mythic Effect: Paths to Dominance
  • 2 Weapon Models: Merciless Cutthroat M293 Bandit
  • 45,000 Spartan Points

Mark VII core[edit]

  • 4 Helmets: Agitator, Champion, Renegade, Tormenter
  • 1 Helmet Attachment: Victory Crest
  • 3 Chests: Agitator Heartplate, Colosseum Prize
  • 4 Shoulder Pads: Champion's Pauldron, Tormenter's Mantle, Segmented Pauldron
  • 3 Wrists: Crimson Compliment, Reinforced Vambrace, Sharp Bracer
  • 3 Kneepads: Champion's Kneepads, Kneecapper, Tormenter's Kneepads
  • 1 Utility: Agitator Belt

Mark IV core[edit]

  • 1 Helmet
  • 1 Shoulder Pad

Yoroi core[edit]

  • 1 Helmet
  • 1 Shoulder Pad
  • 1 Chest
  • 1 Utility


Please see the respective operations pages for their Operation Passes.
List of Operations
Season Operation Content Duration
Banished Honor event art
Banished Honor
20-Tier Operation Pass with exclusive customization options for the Mark VII armor core 30 April 2024 - 4 June 2024
Tenrai IV 20-Tier Operation Pass with exclusive customization options for the Yoroi armor core 4 June 2024 - 2 July 2024
Spartan Surplus 20-Tier Operation Pass with exclusive customization options for the Mark IV armor core 2 July 2024 - 30 July 2024