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Joint Fire
Promotional image showcasing the JFO armor from the Joint Fire event in Halo Infinite.

Start date:

January 17, 2023[1][2]

End date:

January 31, 2023[3]

Includes content for:

Halo Infinite


Joint Fire was a multiplayer event for Halo Infinite. It was held between January 17 and 31, 2023, during the Winter Update. Focusing on the JFO-class Mjolnir, the event's focal gametype was Covert One Flag.[3]

Event Pass tiers[edit]

Players could progress through the Event Pass and unlock items by completing any of the ten event challenges over the two weeks the event was available.[4]

Tiers 1 to 10[edit]

Level Unlocks Images
1 Backdrop - Squad Op HINF Squad Op Backdrop.png
2 Visor - Bay Sunset Icon of the Bay Sunset Visor
3 Knee Pads (Mark V [B]) - UA/Type JFO Menu icon for Halo Infinite armor customization.
4 Chest (Mark V [B]) - UTIL/TVASTAR Diagnostic Rig Customization icon
5 Helmet (Mark V [B]) - JFO JFO-class Mjolnir
6 Armor Coating - Violet Crush Icon of the Violet Crush coating.
7 Visor - Action Lime Icon of the Action Lime Visor
8 Left Shoulder Pad (Mark V [B]) - SAP/JFO Customization Icon
9 Right Shoulder Pad (Mark V [B]) - SAP/JFO Customization Icon
10 Helmet attachment (Mark V [B]) - HUL-I/XFTREC/FLAMINGO Menu icon for Halo Infinite armor customization.


Promotional material[edit]

Screenshots - Joint Fire Press Kit[edit]


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