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Fractures: Tenrai (Week 4)

Tactical Ops
Wallpaper/banner of the Tactical Ops event.

Start date:

March 8, 2022[1][2]

End date:

March 22, 2022[2]

Number of tiers:


Includes content for:

Halo Infinite


Tactical Ops was a multiplayer event held for Halo Infinite between 8 and 22 March, 2022, during Season 01: Heroes of Reach.[2]

Event playlist[edit]

The Tactical Ops event playlist contained Tactical Slayer and its four variants. During the first week, the standard Tactical Slayer variant was accompanied by "Tactical Slayer - Sidekicks" and "Tactical Slayer - Manglers" variants. During the second week, the "Tactical Slayer - Stalker Rifles" and "Tactical Slayer - Commandos" variants were added to the rotation.[2]

Event Pass tiers[edit]

Each week during the Tactical Ops event, ten of the 20 weekly challenges were replaced with ten event challenges, which rewarded an additional 100 XP. Items on the Event Pass are unlocked by completing the event challenges, but they were limited to the event-exclusive Tactical Ops playlist in matchmaking.[2] However, during the final hours of the event on 22 March, an in-game issue prevented players from making progress in event challenges. Subsequently, all players who participated in the event during the second week were automatically granted all rewards from the Event Pass, along with the weekly Ultimate Reward, the Core Element Nameplate Backdrop.[3]

Tiers 1 to 10[edit]

Level Unlocks Images
1 Stance - Claw Patrol Icon image of the Claw Patrol Stance.
2 Visor (Mark VII) - Phalanx Phalanx visor icon from the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tech Preview.
3 Charm - Emile Icon of the Emile Charm.
4 Backdrop - Lone Wolf Halo Infinite - Menu Icon - Backdrop - Lone Wolf
5 Helmet (Mark VII) - Mark V Zeta HINF MKVZETA Helmet Icon.png
6 Chest (Mark VII) - TAC/AHD TYPE 3ZY Customization icon
7 Utility (Mark VII) - MAT-2550/Grenade Pack Grenades
8 Glove (Mark VII) - Tigris Menu icon for Halo Infinite armor customization.
9 Armor Coating - Scorpion Punch Icon of the Scorpion Punch armor coating.
10 Helmet Attachment (Mark VII) - UA/MAUROS Customization Icon


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