Content Update 29

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Season 05: Reckoning


Start date:

January 30, 2024

End date:

March 05, 2024

Includes content for:

Halo Infinite


Content Update 29, also known as CU29 is a content update for Halo Infinite, launched on January 30, 2024.[1] Following in the footsteps of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and its seasons, CU29 marks the end of seasonal terminology within Halo Infinite, and the shift towards a reliance on smaller, frequent updates and an emphasis on operations.


Ancillary materials[edit]

Season Content[edit]

General overview[edit]

  • New armors
  • New weapon models for M392 Bandit, MA40 assault rifle, and SRS99-S7 AM sniper rifle
  • New multiplayer map: Illusion
  • Various quality of life improvements
    • Cross-core shoulders
    • Forge updates
      • Covenant objects
      • Forge Mode Creator: Players can create script modes in the Node Graph, then save, share, and play them.
        • Mode Brain and Mode Prefab
      • Improvements for Forge AI Toolkit
        • New AI traits
        • Wander When Idle behavior
      • Infected Energy Sword and Mythic Sandwich weapons added
      • Material Swap for Foliage and Decals
      • "On Player Infected" and “On Repair Field Heal” Node Graphs
    • All HCS Year 1 Bundles unlocked: Armor coatings, weapon coatings, and visors are now multi-use in every armor and weapon core.

Content overview[edit]

XP Boosts and Challenge Swaps[edit]

  • XP Boosts
  • Challenge Swaps

General Customization[edit]

  • 12 Nameplates: Ark Rock, August-099, Leon-011, Lethbridge Netrun, Misriah Netrun, Nope, Robert-025, Truth Lines, Turf War, Vakara Netrun, WST Netrun, Zeta Radio
  • 3 Backdrops: Earth's Arsenal, Loud Noises, Spirit of Fire
  • 6 Armor Coatings: Abundant Growth, Code Sprawl, Emberbreak, Glibnub Special, Sandslate Wolverine, Violet Violence
  • 4 Weapon Coatings: Arcadia Falls, Ghost Fleet, Glibnub's Golden Guns, Wingblitz
  • 1 Vehicle Coatings: Jade Canopy
  • 6 Weapon Charms: Gruntball, Hellbringers, Spirit of Fire, Synthring, Viral Machine, Yapster
  • 3 Visors: Alpha Dive, Buwan Depths, Sunset Cloak
  • 3 Weapon Models: Deacon, Evolved MA5, M99A2S3 Stanchion

Mark IV core[edit]

  • 2 Helmets: Ärger, Mark IV
  • 1 Helmet Attachment: TAC/RS/Sycamore
  • 1 Chest: UA/URES
  • 2 Shoulder Pads: TAC/Best Friend
  • 1 Wrist:
  • 1 Glove: Mark IV
  • 2 Kneepads: UA/TATA
  • 1 Utility: UA/MINOT

Mark VII core[edit]

  • 4 Helmets: Hawker, Kai-125, Riz-028, Vannak-134
  • 1 Helmet Attachment: Tines of Respect
  • 1 Chest: UA/Double Guard
  • 1 Shoulder Pad: Load Bearing Shoulder
  • 1 Wrist: Redsteel Vambrace
  • 1 Kneepad:
  • 1 Utility: Insurance Plate

Chimera core[edit]

  • 1 Helmet: Mimir
  • 1 Helmet Attachment: Modulation Adaptation
  • 1 Chest: Fairlight Echoclusters
  • 1 Shoulder Pad: Tactor Augmentor
  • 1 Wrist: Terminating Process Plugin
  • 1 Kneepad: Net Extender Rev A


Please see the respective operations pages for their Operation Passes.
List of Operations
Season Operation Content Duration
Spirit of Fire (Operation) banner
Spirit of Fire
20-Tier Operation Pass with exclusive customization options for the Mark IV armor core 30 January 2024 - 5 March 2024
Cyber Showdown III 20-Tier Operation Pass with exclusive customization options for the Chimera armor core 5 March 2024 - 2 April 2024
The Yappening II 20-Tier Operation Pass with exclusive customization options for the Mark VII armor core 2 April 2024 - 30 April 2024