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This article contains information about the Silver Timeline, and is not a part of the established Halo canon.
Kai-125 thumbnail from Dr. Catherine Halsey's Computer.
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c. 2511

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Petty Officer, First Class[1]

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Vannak-134: "Well, weren't you gonna' shoot us?"
Kai-125: "Of course I would have, I would have just felt bad about it."
— Silver Team prior to the Battle of Raas Kkhotskha.[2]

Kai-125 is a Spartan-II supersoldier in the United Nations Space Command,[3] serving as a member of Silver Team under the Asymmetric Warfare Research Group.[1] She later became the leader and trainer of the SPARTAN-III program under James Ackerson.[4]


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Early life and career[edit]

Mission to Madrigal[edit]

Removing her pellet[edit]

Injuries on Eridanus IV and Recovery[edit]

Discovering her past[edit]

Sanctuary mission and meeting Ackerson[edit]

Turned against Master Chief[edit]

Training the SPARTAN-III's[edit]

Discovering the truth about Reach and ONI[edit]

Fighting alongside the SPARTAN-III's[edit]

Kai-125: "I'm going with them… they're mine. I can't let them go alone… I need to be there."
John-117: "I know… If it comes down to it… and it's you… with that Spike in your hand…"
Kai-125: "Just get to the Halo. No matter what."
— Kai and John on their different missions with everything at stake.[5]


"This is gonna hurt"
— Kai-125's last words before ramming the stolen Covenant corvette into the supercarrier in a suicide attack.[6]

Personality and traits[edit]

Kai-125 was courageous and curious.[7] There was an implication of suspicion, and even possibly resentment, regarding how she and the other Spartans were viewed by Miranda Keyes, as she tried to intimidate and taunt Keyes over that topic. Despite this, she was very compassionate as she eventually made friends with Miranda.[8]

After removing her pellet, Kai slowly learned how to be human, showing a playful and competitive side. She showed off her strength by lifting heavy objects and even a Warthog with Marines cheering her on and betting against each other.[9] Her favorite Covenant weapon was the Type-33 needler.[8]


Kai employed the Mark IV/b "Berta" helmet, developed alongside Spartan-specific variants of the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I ADS. Kai had modified her suit with sniper targeting interlinks and "smart shot" interfaces suited for her long-range fighting style. [10]


  • Kai-125's role in the TV series drew comparisons to that of Kelly-087, who was Master Chief's best friend in the main timeline, and Linda-058, the sniper for Blue Team in the main timeline.[11]
  • Her role in season 2 took some aspects of Kurt Ambrose, who was the trainer of the SPARTAN-III program in the main timeline. Kai's presumed death likewise mirrored the death of Kurt, who also sacrificed himself to obliterate a large number of Covenant forces and protect his comrades, and also that of Carter-A259, who likewise died in a kamikaze attack. Her floating in space after her kamikaze attack on the Covenant supercarrier also mirrored Linda's own near-death.

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