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Kwan Ha: "We'll see each other again."
Soren-066: "God, I hope not."
— Kwan and Soren part ways.[1]

Soren-066 is a former Spartan-II supersoldier under the United Nations Space Command, who became a privateer at the Rubble.[2][3]


Spartan Program[edit]

Halsey: "I remember... you were the most driven. The others had to be recruited."
Soren: "Kidnapped."
Halsey: "But you wanted it. Right from the very first time I saw you. You wanted to be a Spartan."
Soren: "I was six."
Halsey: "Yes, you were six. And you already knew your purpose. So did I. You were a born warrior."
— Halsey and Soren discuss his time in the program.[4]

Unlike the others who were all kidnapped, Soren wanted to be a Spartan right from the very first time he met Dr. Catherine Halsey when he was six. According to Halsey, Soren already knew his purpose and he was a born warrior with the other Spartans, including John-117, looking up to him. However, Soren's augmentations failed, leaving him with a deformed arm. Even afterwards, Soren wished to continue being a Spartan,[4] but he eventually grew disillusioned and angry and made a plan to escape along with John.[5]


In 2530, Soren and John-117 planned to run away from the UNSC and go to the Rubble in a Longsword. When John changed his mind about leaving, he gave Soren 5 minutes to leave before he woke the entire camp. Soren was shot down by the UNSC but was later able to make his way to the Rubble and became a privateer.[5] Unbeknownst to Soren, Halsey had allowed him to escape, ensuring that the ships were unguarded on the night of his escape because all of the Spartans looked to Soren, including John, but she needed John to look to himself after Soren's augmentations failed.[4]

Reuniting with John-117[edit]

In 2552, John went rogue, and fled to the Rubble with Kwan Ha for Soren’s help. When John arrived, Soren was alerted by his people and told them to put their weapons down because if John wanted them dead, they’d be dead. Soren later introduced John and Kwan to his wife, Laera, and his son, Kessler. Soren explained to John that his pellet in his back makes him numb to everything and that removing it was like "opening your eyes for the first time after living in the dark." John later showed Soren the artifact that he found on Madrigal. When Soren asked what it did, Kwan said that it had powered their ship when John touched it. When Soren touched it, nothing happened which made Soren take John to see Reth.[5]

Soren took John and Kwan to Reth who explained to them that John was a “Blessed One.” Reth then put the artifact in John’s hand which activated it, causing symbols to be displayed on it. Soren later restrained Reth who was telling John that he is not like the one they have. Reth told John that the ring was what the Covenant wanted. Soren asked what the ring was and Reth said that it was the end of life as they know it. John asked if it was a weapon and Reth said that it was. Reth asked John if he felt the darkness. When John said yes, Reth told him that he could stop it by destroying the artifact and to then destroy himself. John left and later argued with Soren who told John that he wasn’t going back for the Spartans and instead he was running back to Halsey and that John wasn’t loyal because he gave him 5 minutes to leave, and that John was wrong to stay. John asked Soren if he could trust him as he was the only person he knew outside the UNSC and Soren said yes and promised John that he would keep Kwan safe as John left the Rubble.[5]

Taking care of Kwan[edit]

Kwan later asked Soren to take her back to Madrigal so she could fight against Vinsher Grath to which Soren replied that Madrigal wasn’t his problem and that he doesn't see a reason to break his promise to John. When Kwan was trying to steal his ship, Soren said that he could kill her and Kwan said that if she takes her to Madrigal and help her find her father's generals that her family could pay him. He agreed and decided that he would take her to Madrigal because if he doesn’t get paid by her then he would get payed off of the bounty on her head.[6]

When they were close to Madrigal City, Soren told Kwan that when he left the SPARTAN-II Program that he had no memory of anything. She said that it must have been nice but he said that without he was lost. He said that it came back but by bit and that after about a year, he remembered that his father died and that after another year he remembered that he was the one who killed his father.[7]


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Fall of Reach[edit]

Main article: Fall of Reach/Silver

Soren: "I'm a civilian."
Jacob Keyes: "You're a pirate."
Soren: "Small business owner."
— Soren trying to escape the Fall of Reach.[4]
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Searching for Kessler[edit]

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Production notes[edit]

Soren-066 in Halo: The Television Series was portrayed by Bokeem Woodbine.[3] Woodbine's casting was announced by Showtime on August 2, 2019.[8] Jude Cudjoe played a teenage Soren during his escape from the Spartan training.[5]


  • Much of Soren's background as revealed in Homecoming and Reach comes from the canon version of Soren featured in the Halo: Evolutions short story Pariah, including Soren killing his father, being a willing recruit to the Spartan program, wanting to continue being a Spartan at first even after his augmentations failed and eventually fleeing when Soren became disillusioned with the Spartan program.


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