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"When I was a guest on their ship, they asked to see if I could make them work, but I could not sensitive as I am. See? I'm not a Blessed One."
— Reth to John-117[1]

Reth is a human mystic who was captured by the Covenant for testing as a potential Reclaimer.


Captured by the Covenant[edit]

At some point, Reth was captured by the Covenant and taken aboard one of their ships. There, the Covenant attempted to use Reth as a Reclaimer to activate Forerunner artifacts, but they failed to respond to him. During this time, Reth met Makee and gained something of an understanding of Reclaimers as well as what the Covenant were after and how dangerous it was. The experience appeared to drive him insane.

Reth eventually managed to escape, or he was let go by the Covenant. Due to his insanity, Reth lived in a jail cell on the Rubble where he mainly babbled nonsense about his experiences. According to Soren, Reth apparently lived in the cell willingly rather than being imprisoned there with Soren calling a refuge for Reth rather than his prison. Notably, Reth's cell door was unlocked, suggesting that he could leave it if he so chose to.[1]

Meeting John-117[edit]

In 2552, after John-117 arrived on the Rubble seeking his help with the Forerunner Keystone, Soren took him and Kwan Ha to see Reth, hoping that Reth could help them.

Upon their arrival, Reth took an interest in Kwan, seemingly recognizing her name and John showed him the keystone. After learning that it was from Madrigal, Reth expressed his sympathies for the planet due to it having been visited by the Covenant. Reth explained that Forerunner artifacts such as the keystone were what the Covenant's whole religion was based upon. Reth explained that the Covenant had tested him to see if he could activate the Forerunner artifacts, but he could not as Reth was not a Blessed One despite how sensitive he was. In demonstration, Reth touched the keystone which failed to respond to him. Reth started rambling as he explained what a Blessed One was before John interrupted him and asked what the keystone was and what it did.

After John confirmed that he didn't want to help the Covenant destroy humanity, Reth suddenly grabbed the keystone and shoved it into his hand. The keystone activated, sending out an energy pulse that caused pain to everyone in the Rubble except for John, displaying symbols and unlocking some of John's childhood memories. After John put the keystone away, Reth demanded to know what he was and told John that he brought it to life, but that John was different than "the one they have." As Soren restrained the hysterical Reth, Reth kept telling John that it was in his eyes and that John didn't understand what he was.

Getting angry and frustrated, John slammed Reth up against the wall and demanded to know what he was. Reth explained that the image that John had made the keystone produce, the ring, was what the Covenant were after. The ring was a door to the end of life as they knew it and a shocked John asked if it was a weapon. Reth confirmed it and asked John if he had felt the darkness too which he had. Reth stated that that meant that John could stop it and he urged John to destroy the artifact and to then destroy himself. Taking his helmet and the keystone, John left, followed by Kwan and Soren.[1]

After meeting Makee who called him a Blessed One, John recalled his encounter with Reth and what Reth had told him about what being a Blessed One meant.[2]

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