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Makee vibing on High Charity
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Shot through the back by Kai-125[2]

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This article is about the human Covenant character. For the Sangheili shipmistress, see Mahkee 'Chava.

Makee is a young woman who, having been orphaned as a child, was raised by members of the Covenant.[3] As such, she came to share in her caretakers' contempt for humanity.[3]


Early Life[edit]

Makee was born on the UEG Tier 2 Waste Disposal colony Oban where she was friends with a boy named Det who eventually became her love interest. Det would read The Dawn of Angels to Makee and they would dream of other worlds and a better life amongst the stars. One day, as the two were about to kiss, they were spotted slacking off by guards and chased. Much to Makee's horror, she witnessed Det being beaten to death by one of the brutal enforcers. Makee took the book from Det's hand as she was dragged off.[1]

Joining the Covenant[edit]

Suddenly, two Covenant Sangheili arrived with a Luminary, causing chaos. The enforcer who had killed Det burned Makee with an electric baton before the Sangheili saved her. The two Covenant warriors realized that the Luminary was leading them to Makee herself and Makee willing left with them, taking The Dawn of Angels with her as a memento of Det.[1] Makee was subsequently taken back to High Charity where she was indoctrinated into the Covenant religion and revered due to her status as a "Blessed One."[4][5][1]

Searching for the Keystone[edit]

In 2552, the Prophet of Mercy visited Makee in her room on High Charity following the Attack on Madrigal, addressing her as Blessed One. Mercy told Makee of the report of a surviving Sangheili who had witnessed a Demon touch the Forerunner artifact that they were after and had it respond to him in the same way that Forerunner artifacts did to Makee. Mercy also expressed interest in the human book that Makee was reading, suggesting that she could read it to him one day. Makee demanded to speak to the surviving warrior herself about what he had witnessed.[4]

Makee later listened to the warrior's story and recognized that the artifact really was one of the keystones that could lead them to the Sacred Ring. Makee decided to go after the keystone herself, briefly arguing with the Hierarchs and pointing out that she could blend in with the humans better than anyone else. Left alone, Makee undressed herself, revealing the scar on her back.[5] from the shock baton that the enforcer had used on Makee as a child.[1]

Makee dressed in suitably human clothes and told the Hierarchs that she intended to start her search on Madrigal certain that the "spirit" that had drawn her there still remained. When the Prophet of Mercy asked her about the possibility of Makee encountering the Demon, noting that it would only be natural for Makee to be curious about someone else who shared her gifts, Makee promised to bring his head back if she encountered him.[1]

Makee traveled to the 23 Librae system in a Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette that appeared to be dead in the water to the UNSC Gladius. Makee sent a distress signal over civilian emergency channels, claiming to be from Circumstance and that the Covenant had abandoned ship when the engines had died. Unarmed, Makee was brought aboard the Gladius where she had a Lekgolo colony that had accompanied her attack and kill the crew. On the bridge, Makee interrogated the commanding officer for where the keystone had been taken and where his home base was, but he refused to answer. Makee killed him with a small energy blade concealed beneath her fingernail, but Makee discovered much to her dismay that the ship's databases had been wiped as per the Cole Protocol. Contacting her ship using the Gladius's comm system, Makee reported on the failure to get anything from the Gladius and that they would continue on to Madrigal and stated that they would find where the keystone had been taken and where the Sacred Ring was. The UNSC picked up fragments of the transmission and, although electromagnetic scatter had corrupted the signal, AIs were able to partially reconstruct it. As Makee was speaking in Sangheili, it was mistakenly believed that she was most likely a Sangheili herself.[1]

Production notes[edit]

Makee in Halo: The Television Series is portrayed by Irish actress Charlie Murphy. Makee's existence and casting was first unveiled by Showtime on November 8, 2019.[3] According to Frank O'Connor, Franchise Development Director at 343 Industries, audiences will be shown why Makee was spared from destruction by the Covenant within minutes of being introduced to her. He has also stated that the rationality behind this decision involves something anyone familiar with the Halo games should know about.[6]


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