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This article is about the human Covenant character. For the Sangheili shipmistress, see Mahkee 'Chava.

Makee is a young woman who, having been orphaned as a child, was raised by members of the Covenant.[2] As such, she came to share in her caretakers' contempt for humanity.[2]


Early Life[edit]

Makee was born on the UEG Tier 2 Waste Disposal colony Oban where she was friends with a boy named Det who eventually became her love interest. Det would read The Dawn of Angels to Makee and they would dream of other worlds and a better life amongst the stars. One day, as the two were about to kiss, they were spotted slacking off by guards and chased. Much to Makee's horror, she witnessed Det being beaten to death by one of the brutal enforcers. Makee took the book from Det's hand as she was dragged off.[1]

Joining the Covenant[edit]

Suddenly, two Covenant Sangheili arrived with a Luminary, causing chaos. The enforcer who had killed Det burned Makee with an electric baton before the Sangheili saved her. The two Covenant warriors realized that the Luminary was leading them to Makee herself and Makee willingly left with them, taking The Dawn of Angels with her as a memento of Det.[1] Makee was subsequently taken back to High Charity where she was indoctrinated into the Covenant religion and revered due to her status as a "Blessed One."[3][4][1]

Searching for the Keystone[edit]

In 2552, the Prophet of Mercy visited Makee in her room on High Charity following the Attack on Madrigal, addressing her as Blessed One. Mercy told Makee of the report of a surviving Sangheili who had witnessed a Demon touch the Forerunner artifact that they were after and had it respond to him in the same way that Forerunner artifacts did to Makee. Mercy also expressed interest in the human book that Makee was reading, suggesting that she could read it to him one day. Makee demanded to speak to the surviving warrior herself about what he had witnessed.[3]

Makee later listened to the warrior's story and recognized that the artifact really was one of the keystones that could lead them to the Sacred Ring. Makee decided to go after the keystone herself, briefly arguing with the Hierarchs and pointing out that she could blend in with the humans better than anyone else. Left alone, Makee undressed herself, revealing the scar on her back.[4] from the shock baton that the enforcer had used on Makee as a child.[1]

Makee dressed in suitably human clothes and told the Hierarchs that she intended to start her search on Madrigal certain that the "spirit" that had drawn her there still remained. When the Prophet of Mercy asked her about the possibility of Makee encountering the Demon, noting that it would only be natural for Makee to be curious about someone else who shared her gifts, Makee promised to bring his head back if she encountered him.[1]

Makee traveled to the 23 Librae system in a Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette that appeared to be dead in the water to the UNSC Gladius. Makee sent a distress signal over civilian emergency channels, claiming to be from Circumstance and that the Covenant had abandoned ship when the engines had died. Unarmed, Makee was brought aboard the Gladius where she had a Lekgolo colony that had accompanied her attack and kill the crew. On the bridge, Makee interrogated the commanding officer for where the keystone had been taken and where his home base was, but he refused to answer. Makee killed him with a small energy blade concealed beneath her fingernail, but Makee discovered much to her dismay that the ship's databases had been wiped as per the Cole Protocol. Contacting her ship using the Gladius's comm system, Makee reported on the failure to get anything from the Gladius and that they would continue on to Madrigal and stated that they would find where the keystone had been taken and where the Sacred Ring was. The UNSC picked up fragments of the transmission and, although electromagnetic scatter had corrupted the signal, AIs were able to partially reconstruct it. As Makee was speaking in Sangheili, it was mistakenly believed that she was most likely a Sangheili herself.[1]

On Madrigal, Makee and several Sangheili searched the cave where the keystone had resided with Luminaries, but one reported to Makee that the artifact was no longer on the planet which Makee was already aware of. However, the keystone had been active radiating from there which should be enough to lead the Covenant to the larger keystone. Makee ordered the warrior to keep looking and reminded him that they both shared the same enemy who could be destroyed with both keystones. Suddenly, the Lumaniaries detected a signal and, touching the wall where the Madrigal keystone had once sat, Makee was able to see where the second keystone was located.[5]

Infiltrating the UNSC[edit]

After the Covenant successfully stole the second keystone, Makee had the Covenant deploy her in a drop pod to the surface of Eridanus in order to infiltrate the UNSC and find the Madrigal keystone, ordering them to "make it look good." As the Covenant ship left after deploying Makee's pod, it fired at the ground near the pod. Armed with a plasma pistol, John-117 confronted a crying Makee who collapsed. Dropping his weapon, John removed his helmet and looked at Makee with interest and confusion.[5]

On the Endymion II, an unconscious Makee was tended to by Miranda Keyes, muttering in Sangheili in her sleep which Miranda recorded. Before passing out, Makee had told Miranda that the Covenant had kidnapped her as a child and kept Makee prisoner.[6]

On Reach, Makee underwent tests and a series of injections and agreed to give the UNSC intel on the Covenant. However, she was only willing to speak to John. With the agreement of Vice Admiral Margaret Parangosky, John was sent in to interrogate Makee who recognized John as the "Demon." Makee claimed that she was a prisoner of the Covenant for many years and that if the other keystone was on Reach, they were in great danger as the Covenant wouldn't stop until they had it. John asked if Makee knew where it had been taken to and she told him that by now it was on the planet Rass Kkhotskha in the Aspero system. John asked if she could show him, but Makee had never been to the planet. Makee explained that it was a holy place for the Covenant, but she realized that John didn't believe her.[6]

John pointed out that the Covenant had killed hundreds of his people and stole the keystone just before Makee fell from the sky, offering to help them get it back. John asked why he should trust her and Makee told him that he was like her before realizing that John didn't know. Makee told John that the Covenant called her "Hirajo" which meant "Blessed One,"[6] causing John to remember Reth telling him about John being a Blessed One who brought the keystone to life.[4] Makee saw the recognition in John and stated that they were the same, but he left without another word.[6]

John later had Miranda run tests on Makee to test her claims to be able to interact with the keystones. Miranda mentioned the Covenant attack on the UNSC Gladius by a ship identical to the one that Makee had escaped from and Makee offered her condolences. Miranda revealed that they had recieved a transmission from the ship after the attack from a voice speaking in Sangheili and Miranda asked for Makee's help in verifying her translation after they had the transmission cleared up. Makee agreed to do whatever she could to help, noticing that John's hands were shaking as he left the room. Miranda's subsequent analysis of Makee's DNA revealed that she and John had a genetic alignment that was unique to the two of them.[6]

After hearing Miranda's results, John confronted Makee who insisted that they needed to look for Rass Kkhotskha, but the UNSC had found no sign of any planets in the Aspero system. Makee asked if she was a prisoner and insisted that she could help, but John collapsed after getting hit by another flash of memory. Makee recognized that the keystone was killing him and that when John first touched it, the keystone had shown him beautiful stories, but when he went back to it to learn more about himself, the stories became frightening and he still went back, desperate to know the keystone's secrets, becoming sicker each time. John wondered how Makee knew that and she reminded John that they were the same. Makee revealed that the Covenant had other, lesser, keystones which they had forced into her hands. At first Makee fought and it nearly killed her, but the Prophets taught Makee to stop fighting and to surrender to the visions which caused all of the pain to go away. Instead of controlling her, the keystones became Makee's servants. Makee offered to show John and asked him to take her to the keystone which would lead them to its partner. Makee promised that when the stones were united, John would find peace.[6]

Later, Makee was brought food, but she became frantic, asking to see John and insisting that she could sense that something bad was going to happen. Makee attacked the nurse, drawing her energy blade from under her fingernail, but collapsed when John activated the keystone, affected by it as well. Makee experienced an accelerated heartrate before she stabilized with biosigns identical to John's. John and Makee were transported into a vision of them standing on the surface of a Halo ring where they looked around in amazement together before the vision ended.[6]

Apparent Death[edit]

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Makee was apparently killed by Kai-125 who shot her in the back during the Battle of Raas Kkhotskha.[7] However, Makee somehow survived and resumed her duties with the Covenant[8] although she had lost her faith in the Prophets and appeared to have lost her favor with them to the point that Makee feared death if she failed in her tasks rather than Makee's status as a Blessed One protecting her as it did in the past.[9]


"You should've stayed with me."
— Makee to John-117[8]

Six months later, during John-117's fight with a number Sangheili in the fog just before Sanctuary was glassed by the Covenant, he and Corporal Talia Perez were surrounded, only to have the Sangheili look at a cloaked figure on a nearby hillside who apparently called them off. The figure said something to John and left just before the glassing began. John later remembered that it was Makee despite her apparent death in the Battle of Raas Kkhotskha and that she had told John that he should've stayed with her.[8] Perez later admitted that she had seen Makee too, confirming that John had not just been imagining her presence.[10]

Fall of Reach[edit]

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Makee and the Arbiter later raided SWORD Base and recovered the Eridanus keystone from a vault.[11]

During the Fall of Reach, Makee and the Arbiter raided the facility where Dr. Halsey and Soren were being held prisoner, stealing Cortana for the Covenant. Makee was witnessed by Halsey who informed Admiral Jacob Keyes of her survival. As the Arbiter was about to kill John, Makee called him off, once again saving John's life, telling the Arbiter that it wasn't time yet.[12]

Personality and traits[edit]

Due to her abusive treatment on Oban as a child and brainwashing from the Covenant, Makee hated humanity in general and believed in the Covenant's Great Journey and her role in it as the "Blessed One." Makee was ruthless to the point of slaughtering an entire ship full of people for answers and arrogant due to her position, going so far as to promise to bring the Hierarchs' the Demon's head if she were to ever meet him.[1]

However, once away from the Covenant and with John-117, Makee's devotion to the Covenant began to falter and she grew to genuinely care about John as a person, not just as a tool to complete her mission. Rather than lying, Makee gave John and the UNSC truthful information about where the Covenant were planning to take the keystones and revealed the Covenant's prophecy about their true purpose. It was only after Makee received treatment similar to when she was a child, due to the UNSC figuring out her deception, that Makee stopped faltering in her loyalty and returned to the Covenant.[6][13] Even after Makee's deception was revealed, John believed her to have been truthful enough to take Makee's word on the Covenant's intentions for the keystones.[7] Despite ending up opposite sides of the war again, Makee saved John's life on both Sanctuary and Reach.[8][12]

However, Makee failed to recognize that she was just a useful tool to the Covenant who intended to dispose of her once Makee's role had been fulfilled. Even when given the chance to stop, Makee refused to listen, intent on fulfilling her destiny, ultimately leading to Makee's apparent death.[7]

Following her near-death experience, Makee seemed to finally recognize the truth about the Covenant using her, but she continued working for them out of fear. She also seemed to have more sympathy for humanity, crying as she watched Reach being glassed. While talking to Cortana, Makee showed worry that the Hierarchs would kill her for not being useful, quietly admitting that "there are all sorts of prisons." Upon being taken back to High Charity in failure, Makee was terrified of what the Hierarchs would do to her. Makee revealed to Var 'Gatanai that she was well aware by now that the Prophets were liars, claiming that they had no intention of starting the Great Journey and they must do it themselves. With Cortana's help, Makee was able to convince Var to break away to follow their own path.[9]

Production notes[edit]

Makee in Halo: The Television Series is portrayed by Irish actress Charlie Murphy. Makee's existence and casting was first unveiled by Showtime on November 8, 2019.[2] According to Frank O'Connor, Franchise Development Director at 343 Industries, audiences will be shown why Makee was spared from destruction by the Covenant within minutes of being introduced to her. He has also stated that the rationality behind this decision involves something anyone familiar with the Halo games should know about.[14]


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