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The Dawn of Angels

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Det: "Do you like it?"
Makee: "I love it."
— Makee and Det discussing the book.
Makee's book
The book in Makee's hands.

The Dawn of Angels is a book written by Isaac Lux. It is a romantic novel featuring two characters, a man named Jack and an "untamed" woman, dealing with love, struggle, and hope on a lush and beautiful world.


As child laborers on the waste salvaging planet Oban, Makee and her love interest, Det, were captivated by the book they salvaged and would read it huddled together in secret away from the eyes of Oban's brutal and oppressive enforcers. When Det was caught and beaten to death by the enforcers, Makee recovered the book from his hands and fled, before being caught by an enforcer and subsequently shocked with an electric baton. Upon being discovered and inadvertently rescued by Covenant Sangheili warriors scouting the colony for Forerunner relics with a Luminary before realizing that she was what they were looking for, Makee took the novel with her as her only possession and precious memento of her friend. Although she was taken in by the Covenant and came to share their hatred of humanity, Makee would continue to read and treasure the human book for many years.[1]

In 2552, Makee was silently reading the worn copy of The Dawn of Angels in her room on High Charity when the Prophet of Mercy visited her. The Hierarch alleged that Makee was reading a book of human stories not out of curiosity for her own kind, but rather to better understand them as foes. After prompting Makee to put the book away, Mercy playfully suggested that perhaps at some point she would read its contents to him, so that he could know their enemy as well.[2] After volunteering to embark on a mission to search and recover a Forerunner keystone for the Hierarchs, Makee chose not to leave the book behind and packed it along with other items to take on her journey.[1]


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