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Battle of Criterion

Battle of Eridanus II
Eridanus II Battle





Eridanus II


Covenant victory


United Nations Space Command[1]


  • Heavy
    • Heavy ground casualties
    • UNSC Pioneer
  • Kai-125 injured
  • Moderate
    • Heavy ground casualties
    • Light air casualties

The Battle of Eridanus II was a battle between Covenant and UNSC forces on Eridanus II.


After making contact with the Madrigal Keystone, John-117 had visions of his childhood and another artifact, which led the UNSC to the second artifact on Eridanus II. After breaking the casing protecting the artifact, John made contact with it, which caused Makee to see where it was.[1]


UNSC Pioneer destroyed
The Pioneer is destroyed.

When the Covenant arrived, they used Banshees to bomb UNSC forces on the ground and destroy the UNSC Pioneer. John had Vannak-134 and Riz-028 move the artifact out of a cave and into the back of an M12 Chaingun Warthog. John ordered Kai-125 to stay back with the marines and keep them covered. They were ordered by Captain Keyes to take the artifact to Miranda Keyes' Condor. On their way there, an orbiting Ket-pattern battlecruiser dropped in three Covenant lances to secure the artifact. A Grunt was successfully able to supercombine the gunner of the Warthog and kick out the driver, but John killed the Grunt and took control, ordering Riz and Vannak to get in. A Banshee had successfully hit the Condor, forcing Miranda and the crew to head toward Catherine Halsey’s ship. The Covenant deployed a Phantom behind Kai, and the marines were quickly overwhelmed. Kai’s heart rate elevated to critical levels when she witnessed the horror of the marines being slaughtered and was soon under fire from multiple Covenant troops. John noticed this and told Vannak to take the wheel and get him closer to the edge. Cortana and Halsey protested and said to focus on the mission, but John said he couldn’t let Kai die. He jumped and hijacked a Banshee and crashed it into the Phantom. Riz shot down a Banshee, but the Banshee crashed into their Warthog, causing the artifact and the Spartans to be thrown from the vehicle. John quickly dealt with Covenant forces and went to go help Kai, who was being punched by an Elite. The Master Chief attacked the Elite and punched it multiple times before stomping on its face. Kai warns him about the artifact, and Cortana warns of a Covenant Spirit inbound. John runs to the artifact, but the Spirit deploys a Jiralhanae who send the Spartan flying back after hitting him with his gravity mace. John says that he needs a weapon, but Cortana says she is not sure if it will help. Chief fires a Battle Rifle at the Brute before it is lifted back into the Spirit with the artifact, and Chief fires his rifle at the Spirit as it leaves. One last pod was launched from the Covenant cruiser before it leaves, firing back at the pod. The pod opens and John heads over to it and finds out it is Makee who passes out after seeing him.[1]


The UNSC leave Eridanus II with the dead and wounded, and John stays with Kai while she is treated on their way back to Reach. Cortana suggests to John that he should be treated after his systems were overloaded from contact with the Eridanus artifact. The UNSC also bring Makee with them as she has offered them intel on the Covenant, claiming they kidnapped her as a child.[2]

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