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Fall of Reach


Onyx Conflict

Battle of Installation 04


Human-Covenant War


April 12, 2553-


Installation 04, Soell system




United Nations Space Command[1]


Rogue Covenant

Forerunner Constructs




Madrigal Monitor


The Battle of Installation 04 was a major engagement between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant for control of Installation 04, followed by a small and personal skirmish on the ring between isolated elements of both parties.


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Space battle[edit]

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Shipboard assault[edit]

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The duel[edit]

On the surface of the ring, Chief wakes up and proceeds to a Forerunner structure which Makee and Var 'Gatanai are also heading too. The two groups arrive at the structure and the Arbiter stated the Chief would not be spared this time. The Chief and Arbiter engage in a fierce duel with the Chief able to slice the Arbiter’s armor early on. The Arbiter switches his energy sword to his right hand and seems to gain the upper hand in the duel before knocking the Chief to the ground. The Chief gets back up and 'Gatanai asks why the Chief refuses to accept his death with the Chief responding they weren’t done. The Chief uses his grappleshot to gain the upper hand against the Arbiter before nearly beating the Sangheili to death. The Arbiter asks the Chief to kill him to restore his honor which the Chief complies by stabbing the Arbiter in the chest. The UNSC fleet, having decimated the Covenant fleet, enters the Halo’s atmosphere before Makee enters the structure. The Chief then proceeds to follow Makee inside the structure.[2]

Meeting the Monitor[edit]

John-117: "What the hell happened down there?"
Monitor: "Death, but not yours."
John-117: "What is that thing…why is it here?"
Monitor: "I'm…afraid you'll have to be more specific. This facility is vast, unknowable…except by me of course. Dark places contain…dark things."
— Master Chief and the Madrigal Monitor talking in a Forerunner Structure[2]

At some point after the duel, Makee met with the monitor where she told him he could not trust the Chief as he was dangerous.[2]

Chief would later go into a structure where he fought an unknown foe before he met with the installation’s monitor and asked what he had just fought. The Chief would then tell the monitor of the events of the beginning of the battle from when he arrived in the system up to the duel between him and the Arbiter. The monitor questions whether Chief is the person he requires him to be and questions whether Makee was right. Chief says that she is dangerous and can’t be trusted to which the monitor replies she said the same about him. The monitor told him he is glad the Chief is here and knew the Chief would be here because he is here because “it” is awake and that “it” is awake because he is here. The monitor told the Chief “it” has been waiting to meet him and that the monitor would be watching before flying deeper into the structure.[2]


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