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Fall of Reach


Battle of Installation 04

Onyx Conflict


Human-Covenant War


April 12-13, 2553


Camp Currahee, Onyx, Zeta Doradus system


Decisive Flood victory

  • Flood takes control of Camp Currahee

Office of Naval Intelligence[1]

Flood (Later in the conflict)


ADM Margaret Parangosky[1]

Master Chief Petty Officer John-117



Multiple Flood combat forms






The Onyx Conflict was a battle during the Human-Covenant War. Initially an internal conflict between the Office of Naval Intelligence and a small rogue group of United Nations Space Command-aligned survivors from the Fall of Reach, it escalated into an outbreak after both doctors Catherine Halsey and Miranda Keyes found Flood spore samples that infected almost everyone in the facility.


Search for Kessler[edit]

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Where the Spartan ends[edit]

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"If we take this away from him, he'll never know which person he is."
Soren trying to convince Laera that Kessler needs to decide who he is
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The lab[edit]

Kwan: "Those symbols…what does it say?"
Miranda: "I haven't seen that one before. The central segment looks like the ideograph for "growth" or "rebirth," but the symbol at the top usually has negative connotations. Given the positioning, maybe it modifies the other symbol, it could mean anything; change, division, decay."
— Kwan and Miranda discussing the symbols on the door to the Forerunner Lab
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The outbreak begins[edit]

Miranda: "I thought you said these spores were dormant."
Janine: "They were…some spores remain dormant for millions of years before they activate."
Miranda: "What woke these up?"
Janine: "Could be anything; temperature, light, pH level, electric stimulus, the presence of a food source."
— Miranda discussing the spores with Janine

Miranda brings the artifact back to her lab where she is able to open it. Inside she discovers inert spores. The spores begin to replicate once they were released. Scientist Janine Caryyew comes in contact with these spores and becomes infected. She stabs a fellow scientist and is then put in a cell next to Laera and Kessler and near James Ackerson where she is unresponsive when Kessler tries to talk to her. Soren and Kwan return to Soren’s ship to get weapons to save Laera and Kessler. When they return they find several personnel standing completely still with their weapons drawn and not breathing as they have been infected. In her cell, Janine, now a combat form, turns around and tries to push herself through the bars as biomass begins to quickly grow on her skin and a tentacle shooting out of her body while trying to infect Laera and Kessler. Ackerson urged the guard to shoot Janine but the guard stood motionless and unresponsive. Ackerson grabbed the guard’s gun and killed Janine. The guard proceeded to turn around, revealing he too was infected before he tried to grab Ackerson who ran out of ammo. Soren and Kwan see the infected guard on security cameras and rush to the detention cells. The guard, now with a flood tentacle, tries to attack them but gets killed by Kwan and Soren. Soren frees Laera and Kessler and then frees Ackerson as thanks for saving Laera and Kessler’s lives.

The Flood[edit]

Kwan Ha: "What is it?"
The Mother: "It is the cohesion...the meaning...the final equilibrium. This is the end. the Flood."
— The Mother reveals the monster's true identity.

They enter a dark area and find it filled with Flood combat forms waiting for them. Kwan and Soren try to fight them off but there are too many and they surround Kwan. Kwan prepares for her infection by closing her eyes but opens to find the infected not moving. The Mother, who has sent Kwan multiple visions talking about a “monster” and how close it is, speaks to Kwan and tells her that she was once a protector like Kwan before being consumed by the Flood. Kwan asks what the Flood is and The Mother tells her they are the end before urging Kwan to run as she can’t hold the combat forms back any longer. The infected all snap their heads back to face Kwan in unison. Soren, having escaped the area earlier with his family and Ackerson helps his family escape before turning back for Kwan only to find her running and yelling for them to go. Laera rushes Kessler out with Ackerson saying she’ll be right behind them before closing the door and locking it after everyone gets out safely. Soren asks what Laera is doing and she’s shows him her wrist and that she has been infected. Soren tries to say that she’ll be all right but Laera already knew it was too late for her and turns back and disappeared into the dark hallway. In the base’s command center, the UNSC are celebrating the decimation of a Covenant fleet. Doctor Halsey contacts Miranda and asks her what she found who tells Halsey she thinks they discovered some sort of parasite that becomes active near humans. Halsey notices several of the officers have strange wounds on them and tries to leave before the infected officers start attacking other personnel and Halsey is attacked by one of the combat forms which has tentacles coming from its mouth. Halsey’s attacker is shot by a guard, who is then quickly overwhelmed by another combat form. Halsey escapes the room and looks back to Admiral Parangosky who is being overwhelmed by combat forms and infected. Halsey heads back to the lab where she becomes fascinated by the Flood while Miranda is horrified by them. Miranda notices an infected scientist outside and urges Halsey that they should leave. Halsey responds but stops mid-sentence and freezes. Miranda then notices that Halsey has been infected by the Flood.


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The monster emergent[edit]

Kessler: "The monster's real."
Soren: "I know."
— Soren finally admitting the monster is real

On The Rubble, Soren was asked by his son if there was a monster since Kwan told him there was. Soren reassured his son that no monster existed as he didn’t believe one did. Having just escaped the monster his son believed was real, Soren finally admits to Kessler the monster is real.

Recovery hopes[edit]

"This'll stop the progression. I'll bring you back…I promise."
Miranda promises her mom she will find a cure to bring her back

Miranda put her mom in cryostasis in order to stop the progression of the Flood infection. She promises she will find a way to bring her mom back and cure the infection before turning around to see the rest of the lab personnel infected and a Flood combat form staring at her.

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