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Silver Timeline The Rubble
The Rubble

"Here it is. Home to every misfit, reprobate, outlaw and renegade in the galaxy. No law. No police. No responsibility."
Soren introduces John to the Rubble[1]

The Rubble was an unauthorized colony sitting in Hesiod's L5 point. It was built around an occupied Xedon Industrial cluster.[2]


The Rubble
The interior of The Rubble.

Topography and ecology[edit]

The climate aboard the The Rubble is artificial and unstable.[2]

Known residents[edit]


In 2530, when Soren made his escape from the UNSC, he intended to go to the Rubble with John-117 before John changed his mind. Soren insisted that they could be at the Rubble by morning and that no one would find them there and that they could have a fresh start. However, John only gave Soren five minutes to make his escape.[1]

In 2552, John visited the Rubble in search of Soren's help with the Forerunner Keystone. Soren took John to see Reth who revealed John's status as a "Blessed One" and that the Covenant had one as well. John then returned to the UNSC, leaving Kwan Ha in Soren's care.[1]

Six months later, following the glassing of Madrigal, Soren's forces mutinied against him.[3]

Government and society[edit]

The Rubble is considered ungoverned. A 2551 Office of Naval Intelligence estimate puts the population of The Rubble at 54,000. They also believe it is a major transhipment point for unauthorized slipspace transports, piracy, and smuggling in Sectors One and Three. Intercepted communications also indicates that there is support for Insurrectionist ideologies on The Rubble.[2]

The Rubble is also closely tied to the nearby colony of Madrigal for Deuterium fuels, though The Rubble has no ties to the warlords of the colony.[2]


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