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This article is about the Silver Timeline version of the planet. For the music piece from Myth, see Siege of Madrigal.
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23 Librae system


23 Librae



12,000 kilometers (7,500 mi)[1]


1.03 G[1]



Human (non-Native)[1]


59,305,892 (2537)[1]



Madrigal was a human Outer Colony in Sector One.[1]


Topography and ecology[edit]

The climate on Madrigal is warm, with a stage 4 terraformed biosphere.[1]

Known residents[edit]


In 2496, a well organized Insurrection campaign led to the destruction of the Colonial Military Authority garrison force and the collapse of the UEG-authorized government.[1]

In 2535, UNSC peacekeeping forces on the planet were redeployed to fight against Covenant which were attacking the sector. Two years later, in 2537, the Colonial Administration Authority would conduct a census of the planet.[1]

In 2552, the Covenant attacked an Insurrectionist outpost on Madrigal while searching for a Forerunner artifact in a nearby cave system. Despite the intervention of Spartan-II Silver Team, all of the Insurrectionists were wiped out except for teenager Kwan Ha. The attacking Sangheili were wiped out by the Spartans and their Phantom was captured by the UNSC, but a single Sangheili managed to escape in a Banshee to report to the Prophet of Mercy. John-117 retrieved the artifact from the cave system before leaving the planet with Kwan Ha.[2]

Following a battle at Jin Ha's Outpost, tyrannical Madrigal governor Vinsher Grath was killed by Kwan Ha with the help of Soren.[3]

Within the next six months, the Covenant glassed Madrigal, Estuary and Sanctuary,[4] although some of the residents managed to escape to the Rubble.[5]

Government and society[edit]

Vinsher Grath was the UEG designated Governor in 2552, though the planet was under Insurrectionist faction control.[1] He was later killed by Kwan Ha with some help from Soren.[3]


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