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Without Helmet
Chief removes his helmet
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Eridanus II


c. 2511



Cause of death:

Smashed into a wall with a gravity mace by Atriox (body taken over by Cortana)[1]

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Political and military information



Master Chief Petty Officer[2]

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John-117 was a Spartan-II supersoldier in the United Nations Space Command.[3] He served as the leader of Silver Team under the Asymmetric Warfare Research Group.[4]



As a child, John lived on the Outer Colony of Eridanus II with his parents and a dog named Ellie. While exploring one day while on a family picnic, John encountered a Forerunner keystone in a cavern outside of the Reach for Life installation, and he repeatedly drew both it and another keystone that was on Madrigal. Eventually, John's father grew frustrated and forced John to bury his drawings of the artifacts. During this time, John met Doctor Catherine Halsey who used a game to test John's luck.[2][5][6][7]

Spartan training[edit]

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Spartan career[edit]

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While trying to save both the Forerunner Keystones and Silver Team from the Covenant, John realized that they were outmatched and Cortana warned him that he could only save one or the other. John instead ordered Cortana to take control of his body so that she could do both in his stead, despite the AI no longer wanting to do so. When John continued to insist, Cortana warned him that she wasn't sure if she could bring him back, but John declared that he trusted her. Moments later, Atriox flung John into a temple wall with his gravity mace, killing him. Manifesting her avatar, Cortana merged with John's body and used it to defeat the Covenant forces and save both Silver Team and the keystones.[1]

Production notes[edit]

John-117 in Halo: The Television Series was portrayed by Pablo Schreiber.[3] Schreiber's casting was first announced in April 2019.[8] Casper Knopf played John in his childhood,[2] and Logan Shearer played a teenage John during his Spartan training.[5]


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