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This article contains information about the Silver Timeline, and is not a part of the established Halo canon.
Jin Ha
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Jin Ha was the leader of a group of insurrectionists based on the Outer Colony of Madrigal.[1]


Jin Ha led a group of insurrectionists on the Outer Colony of Madrigal. He fought for the planet’s independence from the United Nations Space Command, for which he was classified as a “Tier 2A Insurrection Command” person of interest.[2] Circa 2536, his wife gave birth to their daughter Kwan Ha. Years later, during a conference of several high-ranking Insurrectionists, Jin’s wife was assassinated by Spartan Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, something that their daughter Kwan Ha personally witnessed.[1]

In 2552, Jin Ha’s outpost was attacked by the Covenant Sangheili in search of the Madrigal Keystone. The insurrectionists did not know of the Covenant, having dismissed their existence as UNSC propaganda. Jin Ha and his comrades were overwhelmed by the attack until Silver Team arrived. Despite the intervention of the Spartan-IIs, only Jin Ha and his daughter survived the battle. When a surviving Sangheili Major attempted to kill Kwan, Jin rushed to her rescue and was killed before John-117 took out the Sangheili. Kwan rushed to her father’s aid, to no avail.[1]

Following the battle, Kwan was asked by Commander Miranda Keyes to testify against the Covenant. Kwan refused and pursued Madrigal’s independence - her father’s wishes - under the threat that she would accuse the Spartans of killing the defenseless insurrectionists on Madrigal.[1]

Madrigal's tyrannical governor Vinsher Grath subsequently executed a number of Jin's loyalists[3] and the danger of the Covenant caused the rest to fall in line. However, Grath did allow Jin's surviving friends to recover his body and they held a memorial for Jin that was attended by Kwan and Soren. During the memorial, Grath's forces attacked, seeking to wipe out Kwan and Jin's surviving allies in order to solidify Grath's hold over Madrigal.[4]

Kwan later learned that Jin had learned from a group of desert mystics of a mysterious portal on Madrigal that their family was charged with protecting and that the portal wouldn't be revealed until Madrigal was free which had led to Jin's rebellion. During a vision quest, Kwan had a vision of her father. Kwan later returned to Jin's abandoned outpost where she found a letter from Jin to his ailing grandfather asking for more information on the portal following his visit to the mystics. This only increased Kwan's determination to free Madrigal, leading to a battle between Kwan, Soren and the forces of the tyrannical governor in the ruins of Jin Ha's outpost. While trying to get Kwan to surrender, Grath claimed that he had deeply cared about Jin, but Kwan rebutted this, knowing that her father had hated Grath and everything that he stood for. Finally, Kwan succeeded in killing Grath by blowing up the outpost, freeing Madrigal from his rule.[5]

Production notes[edit]

Jin Ha in Halo: The Television Series was portrayed by Korean actor Jeong-hwan Kong. Like Kong, Jin Ha was of Korean descent.


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