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Margaret Parangosky
Margaret Parangosky in Halo: The Television Series.
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April 13, 2553

Cause of death:

Overwhelmed by Flood combat forms

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Admiral (formerly)[1]

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Margaret Parangosky was an Admiral in the United Nations Space Command and the Commander-in-Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence.[2][3]


Growing dissent with Dr. Halsey[edit]

Warning the Master Chief[edit]

Six months after the Battle of Raas Kkhotskha, Parangosky, who now called herself a private citizen, met with John-117 in the streets of Reach, explaining that "someone had to take the fall for the events with Dr. Halsey" and her number was up. Parangosky asked John about the events on Sanctuary, but he refused to elaborate beyond the planet having been glassed. Parangosky warned John that there were elements in the UNSC who did not take these events as seriously as the two of them did, such as James Ackerson. Parangosky knew that Ackerson would be unresponsive to John's theories, stating that Ackerson was ambitious and not interested in controversy and frankly, no one wanted to believe that this war was changing. Parangosky asked John to pursue evidence of the Covenant's other activities and to bring it to her once he found it. Parangosky gave John a device to signal her, simply telling John that she would believe him when John questioned what the former Admiral would do for him in return.[4]

Some time later, after Ackerson and FLEETCOM had effectively opposed John's efforts to uncover the Covenant's presence on Reach, John escaped a "mandatory psychiatric evaluation" in the brig and contacted Parangosky again, telling her that he indeed found evidence of the Covenant. However, when he also added that ONI was appearing to cover it up, the self-described former CINCONI simply warned John not to go against the organization and to play along with whatever cover-up.

Pulling strings from all directions[edit]

Betraying Ackerson[edit]

Parangosky: "Ready the SPARTAN-IIIs."
Ackerson: "My SPARTAN-IIIs were trained to execute specialized missions."
Parangosky: "I thought you said they were ready?"
Ackerson: "They're elite soldiers, they're not designed to assault a Covenant fleet without-"
Parangosky: "It's your job to prepare them, I decide how they're used."
— Admiral Parangosky wrests control of the SPARTAN-IIIs from Ackerson


Personality and traits[edit]

Parangosky: "Why do you fight, John?"
John-117: "..To win, to defend our home, to preserve humanity-"
Parangosky: "No, you fight because I tell you to. You are a soldier, be a soldier."
— Parangosky and Master Chief on their different mindsets

Parangosky was a firm, but cunning and manipulative operative, often resorting to ruthless, backstabbing methods to achieve her goals. She was willing to do anything to ensure the survival of humanity, even if it meant authorizing unethical missions to do so. She also expected her subjects in the ONI, The UNSC, and the SPARTAN program to obey her orders without question,[5] warning of severe consequences should they cross her, but was willing to put her differences aside in times of need.[6]

Production notes[edit]

Margaret Parangosky in Halo: The Television Series is portrayed by actress Shabana Azmi.[3] Azmi’s casting was announced by Showtime on August 2, 2019.[2] According to Azmi, she had to give up two other projects in India already on her schedule in order to take the role, but she figured it would be worth it.[7]


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