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This article contains information about the Silver Timeline, and is not a part of the established Halo canon.
Condor 325
Condor 325 on approach to Reach.
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D80-LRT "SuperCondor"[1]


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United Nations Space Command


Condor 325,[2] also known as Condor UBX-19,[3] is a D80-LRT "SuperCondor" utilized by Silver Team in 2552.

Service history[edit]

In 2552, Silver Team used Condor 325 to reach Madrigal during the Covenant attack on the planet. After killing the attacking Sangheili and discovering an alien artifact, John-117 ordered the rest of his team to take the Covenant dropship home while he recovered the artifact and took the Condor back.[2]

During the flight home to Reach, Miranda Keyes tried without success to convince Kwan Ha to help promote the Spartans, resulting in Admiral Margaret Parangosky ordering her assassination. Shaken by his experiences with the artifact, John shut down the Condor's internal camera system, causing the UNSC to remotely take control, removing the oxygen from the ship and enough from John's armor to knock him out. However, John managed to regain consciousness and override the atmospheric controls. With Parangosky sending a flight of Pelicans and a full squadron of Marines to meet him and kill Kwan, John frantically worked to disable the ship's AI autopilot, eventually convincing Kwan to help him after removing his helmet. Although the two eventually succeeded, it was only moments before landing, so the UNSC used an electromagnetic pulse to knock out power, crashing the ship to the ground.[2]

As the UNSC prepared to blow their way into the ship and the rest of Silver Team moved to defend their leader, John touched the artifact once again which reacted to his being a Reclaimer and activated, displaying several symbols and seemingly unlocking some of John's childhood memories. The artifact then let out a pulse that knocked out power to the base and restored power to the Condor. With the ship's power and manual control restored, John quickly flew it away from Reach with Kwan and the artifact.[2]

John took the Condor to the Rubble in search of Soren's help with the artifact. After speaking to Reth, John decided to return to the UNSC, leaving Kwan in Soren's care. After departing from the Rubble, John reactivated Condor 325's locator beacon and he was picked up by the UNSC Stalwart Dawn which had searching nearby for him.[4]

After experiencing shaking and other negative effects from his use of the Eridanus II keystone, John had the Condor's computer perform a health diagnostic upon him. The computer informed John that his health was critical and directed John to report to medical immediately.[5]

While hallucinating after visiting the Desert mystics, Kwan imagined herself awakening aboard the Condor with John.[6]

Silver Team later used Condor 325 in their pursuit of Makee and the captured Forerunner keystones. Flown by John and Vannak-134, the ship was piloted through several cosmic strings with Cortana acting as the pair's eyes until the navigation system went down. Although the journey nearly destroyed the ship, they made it to the Aspero system and Raas Kkhotskha. After taking control of John's body, Cortana remote-piloted the ship and used its guns to take down attacking Covenant forces. Silver Team then escaped on the Condor as the Prophet of Mercy tried to have his forces stop them.[7]

Six months later, Silver Team used Condor 325 to go after Cobalt Team at the Visegrád Relay after John realized that the Covenant had taken down the comms relay and Cobalt went to investigate it.[8]

Condor 325 was amongst the equipment taken by James Ackerson to Onyx just prior to the Fall of Reach,[9][3] leaving Silver Team with no way off of the planet.[10]

On Onyx, John stole his old ship back and broadcast a message revealing his survival when the technicians in the control room noticed Condor 325's unauthorized launch. On the console, John found his old quarter, presumably left for him by Talia Perez. John flew Condor 325 to the Soell system where he found the Covenant chasing Makee and Var 'Gatanai to Installation 04 and the Spartan-III's preparing to attack in a suicide mission.[3] After John decided to help the Spartan-III's instead of heading to the Halo ring, he space-jumped from Condor 325 to the Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette that the Spartans had boarded. It's unknown if the Condor survived the battle or not as John traveled to Var 'Gatanai's ship to rescue Cortana rather than returning to the Condor.[11]


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