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This article contains information about the Silver Timeline, and is not a part of the established Halo canon.
Vannak-134 thumbnail from Dr. Catherine Halsey's Computer.
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c. 2511


April 7, 2553

Cause of death:

Impaled with a Needler shard by Var 'Gatanai[2]

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Lieutenant, Junior Grade[3]

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"I wonder if all that gun grease in your hair didn't seep down into your brain, asking me dumb-ass questions like that."
— Vannak-134 talking to Kai-125.[4]

Vannak-134, born Vannak Amadi,[1] was a Spartan-II supersoldier in the United Nations Space Command.[5] He was a member of Silver Team under the Asymmetric Warfare Research Group.[3]


Early life[edit]

Born Vannak Amadi, he grew up on Tribute with a large family. Vannak met and was kidnapped by Dr. Catherine Halsey when he was six. According to Halsey, even as a young boy, Vannak had honor.[1]

Spartan Program[edit]

Vannak-134: "Tell me what is it like?"
Riz-028: "What?"
Vannak-134: "Losing. I wouldn't know."
— Vannak-134 talking to Riz-028 during training.[6]
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During the Fall of Reach, Vannak leapt to John-117's defense against Arbiter Var 'Gatanai, but the Arbiter impaled Vannak in the chest with a Needler round which detonated moments later, blowing a hole in Vannak's chest, killing him instantly.[2] When Laera and Kwan Ha arrived to rescue the others, Riz risked her own life to recover Vannak's body, dragging it onto Soren's ship at the cost of taking a severe wound in the process.[1]


Dr. Halsey: "Reach was more than a place. It was a symbol. It was a monument to the human spirit... and to those who sacrificed everything to defend it. Those like... Admiral Jacob Keyes. And this Spartan, Vannak Amadi. He was born on Tribute. I met him when he was six. I could see he had honor. He had a large family. They would be proud of his service."
John-117: "His family buried him when he was six. They never knew him. But I did. His name was Vannak-134. He was a Spartan. He was our brother. And the only family that he ever knew. This... this was not an ordinary man. Everything that he was, everything that he gave... it never dies. Your fight is not done. I will be your weapon now. I will find the ones who caused your death, and I will end them."
— Dr. Catherine Halsey and John at Vannak's funeral.[1]

After arriving on Aleria, Kwan Ha insisted upon burying Vannak despite John's attempts to dissuade her. Kwan privately admitted to Vannak's body that, having been unable to bury anyone that she had lost, she needed Vannak to take their place. The locals intervened, insisting upon cremating Vannak per their traditions. In the process, the sheet covering Vannak's body slipped down, forcing John to finally face the pain of his loss. John, Riz, Dr. Halsey, Kwan and the locals held a funeral for Vannak where both Halsey and John eulogized him, Halsey describing the boy that she had met and recruited and John the man whom Vannak had become. John vowed to Vannak that he would hunt down the ones responsible for his death and end them.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Vannak-134: "I watch programs sometimes."
Kai-125: "Programs?"
Vannak-134: "Like about animals and stuff."
— Vannak-134 talking to Kai-125 after removing his pellet.[7]
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Considered the "perfect Spartan", Vannak was obedient, loyal, tough, and emotionally suppressed. He had a strong loyalty to Master Chief and admiration for him, all of which changed the second Halsey said John was compromised. However, Vannak also had a dry sense of humor, blunt attitude, and sharp retort, and enjoyed smack-talking his teammates and other Spartans.[6] After removing his emotional regulator pellet, Vannak's personality did not change for the most part, but he began showing interest in wildlife, watching "programs" about animals and even going on to feed pigeons as a secret hobby.[7][8] He also craved combat missions and was annoyed when Silver Team was deployed for non-combat purposes or grounded from military action.[6]


Vannak-134 wears a customized variant of the EOD-class Mjolnir. His weapon of choice is a custom M392 Designated Marksman Rifle.[5]

Production notes[edit]

  • Vannak-134 in Halo: The Television Series is portrayed by Bentley Kalu. He has been described as a character who "serves as the defacto deputy to the Master Chief."[9]
  • The designation, background, and name for Vannak-134, along with those of Riz-028 and Kai-125, were pulled from 343 Industries' internal documentation for the Spartan-II program. Later on, in Canon Fodder #150, the three Spartans were confirmed to be the remaining three unknown members of Omega Team.[10]


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