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Jacob Keyes
Jacob Keyes standing in front of the Madrigal keystone.
Biographical information


April 7, 2553

Cause of death:

Sacrificed himself to blow up a squadron of Kig-Yar and allow refugees to escape Reach[1]


Miranda Keyes

Personal details





Political and military information


UNSC Navy[2]


Admiral (final)[3]
Captain (formerly)[2]

Service number:



Admiral Jacob Keyes was an officer in the United Nations Space Command Navy under the Asymmetric Warfare Research Group.[4][2]


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Early life and career[edit]

Jacob was once in a romantic relationship with UNSC scientist Dr. Catherine Halsey, and the two shared a daughter, Miranda. However, the romantic relationship ended, and Miranda was raised by Jacob due to Halsey being overly devoted to her research. Despite Jacob's best efforts to humanize Catherine in Miranda's eyes, Miranda had an estranged relationship with her mother due to Halsey's emotional absence in hers and Jacob's lives.

Master Chief goes AWOL[edit]

Battle of Eridanus IV[edit]

Revealing the truth to Silver Team[edit]

Promotion to Admiral[edit]

An uncomfortable conspiracy[edit]

Last stand on Reach[edit]

Production notes[edit]

Jacob Keyes in Halo: The Television Series is portrayed by actor Danny Sapani. Sapani’s casting was announced by Showtime on November 8, 2019.[4]


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